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QCTV: How To Shift and Stay in the Creator Consciousness– Love & Light Vibration with Dorota Rozmus

About This Show

You are awaking awareness of Creator in you.
By Tuning to Divine Self You are creating within Higher frequency of Oneness.
Divine Human within Gaia’s crystal 5D vibration. We are changing this reality by creating higher frequency more consciously now.

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  1. Feel higher frequency
  2. Tune to Loving Divine Self
  3. Decode from lower matrix

About Dorota Rozmus

Dorota Rozmus – vibrational healer, Sound and Light codes alchemist, channel for Divine Love and Divine Mother’s archetype. Bringing to you unconditional Love vibration  new codes of Light and knowledge to transform and heal deeply all levels of your Being.

Dorota was born in Poland. She has music degree in vocal performance, studied classical and jazz. She lived in Australia where 35 years ago her awakening happened and many transformational changes begin.

Now she is using her amazing gift of sound, singing – toning voice as energy tool, bringing Angelic channeled light – sound language to transform cellular, mental, emotional and etheric levels of her clients.

She is working online with clients around the World.

One to One transformational sessions, group classes, events and mp3 activations are helping many to heal and harmonize.

It is vibrational work on many levels of your Divine Human awakening.

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