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QCTV: Living in the Heart Entering the Portal of Divine Consciousness and Quantum Leaps with Dr. Edwige


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To operate within your Divine Blueprint and your Higher- Christ- Consciousness in the physical realm you must not only embrace the commitment to attain the Christ Light, but you must also be selfless and commit to being a vessel of transformation for the upliftment of all humanity.

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The Return of Your Divine Blueprint
Our Divine Blueprint is our original pure design; it defines who we are: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Within it lies our purpose, passions, motivations and all of the resources needed to be the ascended wo/man. Our divine blueprint was created by our eternal soul, under the direction of the Divine intelligence, for we are the masters and the creators of all that we experience in the return to ONE.
This blueprint is stored in the biomagnetic field, like the morphogenetic field, this field deals in information rather than energy or matter.

Our Divine Blueprint helps us to remember the truth of which we are, DIVINE, so that we may connect this earthly existence to our higher existence SELF. This process is known and honored throughout all worlds, universes, and beyond — it’s how we connect back with the Cosmos as Divine Cosmic Beings.
It is important that you continually clear your auric field and chakras, work with frequencies of Light, receive higher transmissions, and downloads of light codes, as this is all a part of the upgrading process, which is required for the restoration of your Divine Blueprint.


  1. Calibrate your energies into higher vibrations and return to the state of one
  2. Break free from the 3D Matrix
  3. Experience harmony and flow to open higher dimensions
Dr. Edwige

About Dr. Edwige Bingue

In service to humanity, I AM the living embodiment of the Cosmic Mother. The changes I usher in are on the wings of divine femininity to bring movement and expansions for all who choose the path of awakening. This essence from Infinite Presence contains the highest and purest frequencies of LIGHT needed to live in the new Aquarian age of LOVE, FREEDOM, and MIRACLES. Through Prime Source these available energies are intended to balance the strength and power of the masculine force that previously dominated on earth for thousands of years. As a gatekeeper to higher realms, I’m here to assist souls who wish to ascend with crossing through the gateway portal of CHRIST LOVE. As holder of the holographic divine blueprint for all Starseeds, humanity will be lifted and returned to divine order through the many processes of ascension during this great consciousness shift.

I’ve prepared many years to share these abilities in honor and service from the All, I am a Metaphysical Practitioner, Medicine Woman, LIGHT BODY mentor, who is continually upgraded and expanded by my celestial family and team of light, I’m fully demonstrated in the process of Ascension. Having achieved full integrations with my Solar Body of LIGHT, My I AM Presence and Rainbow Body of LIGHT. My life purpose as a conduit of ONE LOVE is to help those who are in need of unlocking your coded DNA, remove blocks, stagnations, and limitations to a successful ascension.

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