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QCTV: The Easy Way To Keep Your Energy Clear with Egan Sanders


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We are living in a period of rapid cultural, social, and technological change. If you do not bring a higher level of awareness to your life, these energies can disrupt your mental and emotional well-being.

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Are you unsettled by the chaotic energies circulating in the world? You are being given a choice. You can let yourself be guided by the outer world and get trapped in energies, ideas and realities that bring you down, or you can align with your own inner being and consciously live in energies that uplift, inspire, and empower you. The choice is yours.


  1. Learn how your ego-mind, the outer reality and unseen energies affect your vibration
  2. Expand your power to alter your mental and emotional state at will
  3. Increase your love capacity to transmute lower energies
  4. Harness your sensitivity to create greater inner strength and well-being
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About Egan Sanders

Egan Sanders has worked with thousands of people since 1990. He is an intuitive counselor, coach, and author.

He was born with intuitive abilities and has always been able to empathically experience the thoughts, images, and feelings of other people. This allows Egan to tune into and deeply understand a person and create a space for rapid emotional healing, clearing and positive change.

He has taught throughout the United States and internationally, founded two holistic associations and organized numerous holistic events. Egan’s articles have appeared in several publications and he has authored two books. Egan is also the developer of the Worry Whisperer Method™ and creator of Attract It! The Law of Attraction Game.

With his fun, energetic, insightful style, Egan is an inspiring and yet down to earth guide for people wanting to understand themselves, grow personally and spiritually, and move forward in life. As an accomplished teacher, coach, and counselor, he is also a great resource for advanced souls looking to reach their next level of spiritual evolution.

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