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QCTV: Being the Architect of Your Reality in the Sacred Geometry Portal with

Elizabeth Diane

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If you have ever felt lost in the complexity of the human experience, then finding what is true and consistent, finding your center, your ground and your still point is essential. Understanding and drawing with Sacred Geometry is an enlightening and mind-expanding process that brings you back to coherent harmony with yourself and your relationships with people and all of life.

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Understanding that the Patterns of Creation are both geometric proportion and vibration give you the keys to knowing the Creator within you, and the empowerment to use Sacred Geometry in life-enhancing, regenerative and harmonious ways.


  1. Know and strengthen your connection to Your Divine Source
  2. Reclaim your power from past mis-used symbols
  3. Empower your intentions with new insights into the underlying patterns of creation
  4. Understand how Sacred Geometry can be used to open portals to new greater realities
  5. Enhance your intuition
  6. Expand your creative potentials
  7. Awaken the artist and/or inventor within
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About Elizabeth Diane

Elizabeth Diane’s lifelong interests have been music and form (sculpture, sacred geometry and architecture) and where they intersect: music IN form (dance, cymatics and especially consciousness). This is her muse for her sustainable building designs and visionary graphic arts, as well as Sacred Geometry classes and workshops she has taught since 2009.

Elizabeth is the owner of Lucid 9 Design, a graphic arts and residential “green building” design firm. With degrees in technical drawing and a Bachelor of Arts from the Evergreen State College in Sustainable Design, she has taken her passion for natural building and the patterns of the universe into architecture along an organic, non-traditional path. She enjoys community collaboration in her designs that are in harmony with nature and that create sacred spaces. As a pianist with a passion for Sacred Geometry and quantum physics, her fascination with patterns and vibration, led her to incorporate the harmonic proportions of sacred geometry into her building and graphic designs.

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