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QCTV: Connecting Directly to SOURCE BLISS with Emunah Malinovitz:


About This Show

Emunah will Take Live callers and Do Intuitive Readings!

The question to ask is,”  What do I need to know to Improve MY CONNECTION TO SOURCE? 

It’s time to Truly be Connected to Source. It’s Your Birthright to Live In Bliss and Feel Love and Support.
Are you ready to Feel Supported, Unshaken and Grounded in Love, Receiving support from the Higher Realms?

So many people are feeling unsafe, their nervous systems are rattled, waiting for the next bomb to drop… feeling anxious, unclear, confused, unsafe.

The world is changing and that can be very scary, unless you have true safety and Security which can only come from being in True, direct connection with Source. By healing some core belief systems on various levels: belief, dna-genetic, soul and history levels (across all timelines), you can open to TRULY allow yourself to be Supported.

It’s Time for true Safety and Support that Comes from Accessing Source Directly. It’s time to Truly Move from Fear to Love.

And Master how to:

  • Stay, safe, calm and centered in a world of chaos
  • Know what’s yours to do
  • Truly receive support from the higher Realms

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In this Quantum Conversation You Will Learn How To:

  • Open and connect Directly to Source
  • To Move from Fear to Love
  • To Be Centered and Feel Supported and Secure in an ever changing world
  • How to navigate the Unknown
  • And Experience the Nectar of Connecting to True Source Bliss

We are all starving and ready to be fed and nourished and supported by the REAL Thing. Let’s support you in Opening to RECEIVE The nectar. It’s Time!

Emunah Malinovitz

About Emunah Malinovitz – MidWife for Awakening

Emunah Malinovitz is a Clairvoyant, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Relationship Expert. She is the Creator of the Sacred Love Academy where she has helped hundreds of Singles find WholeMate Sacred Love. She has Helped couples Soar to new heights, Repair broken relationships, and has ministered to many hearts and souls through her Academy. She even creates Epic Sacred Weddings and Sacred love Pre-wedding support that Start a couple on there love journey with a strong foundation and toolbox for success.

Her newest Passion is The Evolving Soul Academy, this is where she has curated online programs for evolution of the Soul, to reach our true potential.

She is an Energy Transfer Reset Practitioner, and Certified THETA Healer. Emunah is a natural Healer, with The Gift of SEEING Truth though the lens of love. Her clients feel safe and held in her space, and are able to get to the root of their issues and Create a Life they are in love with. Emunah is a Midwife for your Awakening, guiding you to True divine Support, love and connection, and living from the TRUTH of YOUR BEING.

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