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QCTV: Accessing the Quantum Field to Facilitate Transformation with Erica VanEaton


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It has been through the birth of my oldest son that was born with Down syndrome and we later realized was on the Autism Spectrum, that my journey into the world of energy and healing began. When he was born we had an instant connection. Even though I didn’t understand the concepts of consciousness, spirituality, or energy healing at the time I began to hear and understand the world through his eyes. He taught me the power of communication and how it affected him. He also taught me how to play in the Quantum Field to help create a memory for him to step into the physical world. He taught me how to heal.

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It is through this journey with him that I began to understand the importance of healing and working directly with the Ego, Mind, & Body Consciousness. They each have a voice and are needing to come back into alignment with the Soul to help facilitate the Spirit to expand its ability to express itself as Source Energy through the human container.

No longer can we only focus on just reprogramming the Subconscious Mind or only on connecting with our Highest Selves. It is time to understand how to experience and live from a place of internal unity consciousness between all our working parts so we can experience Unity Consciousness as a collective. When we live from a place of internal Divine Union, we can access the limitlessness in the Quantum Field.


  1. The importance of opening a conversation between your Ego, Mind, Body, & Soul and introducing them to your Source Energy Codes.
  2. How to allow these different aspects of Self help you unprogram constricting beliefs and find safety in change that comes with Expansion
  3. Learn to connect with the Unknown potentials in the Quantum Field.
Erica VanEaton

About Erica VanEaton

Erica VanEaton is an Intuitive energy healer that uses sound, light, and quantum therapy techniques to access the entire matrix of the human for healing. The intention she holds is for Unification. She looks at healing and expansion of self-expression through the lens of wholeness, realizing that each aspect of the human was designed to work in flow with each other as Source Creator. She sees human containers as the bridge to Heaven on Earth and has a deep desire to help her clients feel and know themselves as Source Energy. Her intention is to help you become limitless.

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