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QCTV: What is Your Foundation Frequency Saying? with Erica VanEaton


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The long held ‘fake it until you make it’ concept often is built on the foundational frequency of uncertainty and low self worth. The frequencies we attempt to ‘make it’ on are unstable because they are incoherent. If we look at the waves of energy those emotions radiate out through an EEG or EKG (brain & heart waves) they are erratic.

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What we are trying to fake in regards to confidence, prosperity, and leadership are normally founded in the frequency of joy, peace, and harmony. Those frequencies bring high states of coherent waves of energy that create a coherent heart rhythm and increased brain wave function.

When we try to build a house with a foundation based on unstable incoherent waves of energy, we can’t fully embody the new frequencies because there is nothing there to support the growth and ground them into the body, the frequencies are a complete mismatch. So one can bring a new experience in but then it quickly goes away. True confidence changes the way you enter a room, speak to your partner, and show up at work. True confidence is a deeply coherent energy that will naturally facilitate healing and manifestations that contain coherent frequencies. True confidence facilitates a deeply coherent communication between the nerve plexuses that reside in each energy center which allows for an expansion of Self. You want to grow your business, step into a new job, facilitate deeper or new relationships that are enriching and bring you joy? You have to have true self confidence. In order to open and deepen your healing gifts and psychic abilities, you have to have true confidence in the messages you are receiving.

These classes are designed to gift you true self confidence by guiding you to go inwards to know and heal yourself.


  1. How my oldest son taught me to build new foundational frequencies for him in the quantum field through dreams.
  2. How the foundational frequencies speak to your mini brains in your energy centers.
  3. What trusting yourself feels like
  4. How changing your foundation changes your ability to play in the quantum field of potentials
Erica VanEaton

About Erica VanEaton

Erica VanEaton is an Intuitive energy healer that uses sound, light, and quantum therapy techniques to access the entire matrix of the human for healing. The intention she holds is for Unification. She looks at healing and expansion of self-expression through the lens of wholeness, realizing that each aspect of the human was designed to work in flow with each other as Source Creator. She sees human containers as the bridge to Heaven on Earth and has a deep desire to help her clients feel and know themselves as Source Energy. Her intention is to help you become limitless.

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