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QCTV: How to Navigate 2023 with Astrology with Erik Roth


About This Show

Join Shamanic Astrologer Erik Roth for a preview of 2023 through the language of shamanic astrology. He will discuss the major planetary transits, alignments and how that applies to us in humanity and how to navigate this upcoming period personally.

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2023 continues our look at America’s Pluto Return, still in full swing with other potent planetary alignments. This coming year will bring in other planetary initiations that are somewhat different in their energetic feel than the period of 2020-22. This is when we appreciably enter the last few years of our “dark age” or Kali Yuga and enter into a transitional stage. Humanity still has growing pains, but our co-creative process is moving ahead and coming alive more and more. The old paradigms are indeed birthing new ones, but while it feels like an acceleration, it can take many years for any new age to appear.

The major highlights of 2023 include Jupiter moving through Aries and Taurus, Saturn in Pisces, a transition for Venus in Leo over the summer and Pluto’s early beginning into the sign of Aquarius and much more!


  1. Check in with the stars and planets
  2. Navigate the upcoming astrological transition
  3. Knowing what is in store for us for the rest of 2023
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About Erik Roth

Erik Roth is a certified Shamanic Astrologer (from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School) and author doing readings, classes and webinars since 2010. Shamanic Astrology is a hoisitic approach to the astrological language, looking at how the chart shows up in a person’s life. It is philosophical, initiatory and experiential by nature, helping us to understand our archetypal purpose on the planet.

Erik maintains a You Tube channel, writes regular astrological articles and a book titled Sacred Hearth Witihin. He is currently working on creating a new set of online astrological courses. In most years, Erik travels across the Western US doing holisitic and psychic fairs and events in Oregon, California and Arizona and hopes to expand / re-start traveling in the summer and fall.

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