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QCTV: Vocal Sound Healing Therapy with focus on The Note from Heaven and Hung Song with Githa Ben-David


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The sound your voice expresses is a mirror of your breath. The Note from Heaven opens your breath and is a bridge to oneness. Hung Song is manifesting the energy you can download from Oneness down to Earth.
You can heal yourself and others with the humming sound of the undertones of Hung Song. Anybody can learn to do this kind of singing.
Githa will demonstrate how to do this in the talk.

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The experience of surrendering to The Note from Heaven vocally leads the singer into a state of Oneness where present, past and future merge together. In this state energetic patterns and traumas can be transformed and profound healings happen.

A grounded breath, actively expressed from the hara is the main condition for expressing The Note from heaven which is a vocal  sound in “Aaar” bringing you into a condition of bliss, where the time disappears and the voice seems to sing you, rather than you sing the voice.


  1. Surrendering into listening for the expression of your breath/ who you truly are with full acceptance and compassion will open your voice and strengthen your intuition/lifeforce.
  2. We will breathe and sing together, and Githa will show examples with the help of volunteers from the participants.


Gith HS

About Githa Ben-David

Educated in the Royal Danish Academy of Music, has studied classical khyal (North Indian singing), regression therapy, healing and is a recognized pioneer in Vocal Sound Therapy (has worked in this field for 36 years). Githa BD is a singer, composer, author and leader of International Education in Vocal Sound Therapy. Author of 9 books- original in Danish. Six of these books are translated to English. Singer, musician and composer in 8 albums.

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