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QCTV: Embodied Ascension: Awakening Crystalline Stargates into Infinite Love with Grace Galzagorry

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All beings on Earth are being called to return to the restorative waters of the Ancient Mother Womb for the alchemical transformation and birth into our essence as Universal Love. During these tumultuous times, the Great Mother Womb enfolds, soothes, nurtures and restores our core of innocence, preparing us to birth into the sacred, pristine crystalline consciousness, held within our own DNA.

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The organic inward calling reveals deep unconscious inner barriers of individual, ancestral, and collective trauma, stored in the vibrational field of the body. These traumas block our embodied experience of love and are often encased in habitual dissociation, fear and self-negating separation patterns. Underlying these layers of trauma lies the greatest power on Earth – the Mothers love – and our instinctive inner calling prompts us to heal the painful depths of separation & disconnection in our bodies so we may once again receive and anchor in Her love.

Centuries ago, our primal cord to the sustenance, power and nurturance of the Ancient Mother, our source of power and inter connectivity, was ruptured by egregious trauma, which only amassed greater density through additional violations of love in many lifetimes. We have stored the cellular memory of gestational disruptions, primal abandonment, absence of mothering and nurturance, rape, incest and sexual trauma for eons. These ancient deep cellular imprints are often masked by dissociation, avoidance and addictions resulting in issues of poverty consciousness, relationship and sexual challenges, depression, anxiety and foundational difficulty grounding in our lives.

The alchemical Womb trauma healing in this class, rooted in the Primordial Union of the wisdom of Mother Earth and the Feminine Christ Vortex of Love, magically transmutes ancient trauma imprints. Deep unconscious blocks to the flow of Divine love & harmony in our bodies will be lifted as we gently surrender to Womb Initiation as a requisite gateway to ascension. We will review the spiritual-emotional root causes of some of the common challenges encountered due to the primal disconnection with the Mother Simple tools for re-connection will be shared and an opportunity for questions provided. We will then enter the domain of the mystery, power and magic of the Sacred Womb for profound alchemical DNA healing. A restorative, soothing immersion into the pure vibrational waters of the Sacred Womb of the Ancient Mother will conclude this healing journey.

The main keys of this Feminine Christ ascension portal are:

  • Receive benefits of magical DNA restoration of your original blueprint as love generating a beautiful flow of freedom, trust and safety in the body.
  • Enjoy greater primal communion with Mother Earth and all living things.
  • Grow your self-compassion and spaciousness inside as your relationship to Self and others is restored.
  • Release self hatred and shame related to sexual trauma DNA imprints
Grace Galzagorry

About Grace Galzagorry

Following the call of her Soul, Grace Galzagorry, RN MS NP, left a 25-year career as a nurse practitioner and UCSF professor to pursue a deep inward journey of the heart. A sudden and severe chronic illness challenged Grace’s every reserve of strength and unveiled a Feminine Christ Path, centered around self-love and the resolution of past life trauma. As Grace merged into more profound and deeper Union, her healing work organically expanded beyond the healing of individual trauma to the healing of groups, lineages, the larger human collective and, presently, to the healing of planetary trauma. In profound Union with all Life, Grace also serves to heal many animal and plant species, the elementals, and the sacred waters and lands of our beloved planet. Through her multidimensional being and healing capacities, Grace is regularly called to mitigate outcomes from many of the natural disasters currently occurring on the planet.

In planetary and collective fields, her vibrational field permeates the deepest and most repressed DNA traumatic memories: the demise of Lemuria, Ancient Egypt, the Feline race, and all Christ-era violations. As an Ancient Creator Feminine Christ, she served in the creation of this planet and returns to support Mother Earth in each of Her pivotal evolutionary shifts. At Grace’s crystalline transition and birth, she awakened to remembrance of her sacred contract, which is to anchor an ascension portal on Earth for humanity in communion with three other Feminine Christ Ascended Masters: Hathor, Mary Magdalene and White Buffalo Woman. Together, the Feminine Christ group serves the awakening and healing of the Ancient Mother Womb of the Earth where they hold an alchemical restoration space for many to transition into crystalline consciousness. Through Grace’s embodied vortex of Universal Love, many receive miraculous womb and trauma healing.

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