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QCTV: Creating From the Frequency of YOU ~ How Your Soul Song Manifests Miracles with Jamie Lu

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We are “manifesting” all of the time. The question is from where are we manifesting?

The polarity of the individualized mind that is subject to other energies and thoughts

Or the Wisdom in your Heart?

I am noticing in this time of immense acceleration, that it hasn’t been more evident to see the forces of polarity at play. “The us vs them, the with me or against me” spins harmful illusions unfounded in Truth. It is not the organic nature of the Heart of Humanity.

This is why we may be seeing an increase in relationships shifting, people building up walls and breaking down walls, more realizations transpiring at great speed.

Things build up and then breakdown to show us Truth.

In order to arrive to that Truth, this process requires an immense amount of Love and Wisdom to navigate. This is one awareness that our Spirit Guardians would like us to embrace without shame and to call on assistance from your Source when it’s most needed.

Everything that isn’t working is showing us where we need to pay attention more, where we need more conscious awareness of our unconscious creation — it is in true responsibility that we are shown how we are creating, manifesting everything, each other, all of it, all of the time.

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We live amongst ourselves, in one big gigantic mirror.

It takes pause and presence to learn this language of Life because it’s language isn’t one of form or appearances, it’s a language of consciousness. It is formless, timeless. It is pure energized SOUND.

This is why we are being asked to see beyond the individuated mind. The most powerful place to ‘manifest’ from is your ENERGIZED heart. From here, we actualize realities from our Highest Alignment.

Another way to describe this is to follow your Soul’s Song, the calling within, that which opens our understanding to the unique Frequency of YOU.

When we respect and learn to honor our Soul Song, our Soul’s gifts come online, new realizations about your true and eternal self has space to drop in, and rapid healings and shifts in consciousness can take place to benefit you.

In this Quantum Conversation, you will learn:

– How Shamanic Sound Healing works to actualize spontaneous healing and shifts in consciousness
– The nature of the Song of the Soul and Languages of Light to aid in embodiment and transformation
– Why manifesting doesn’t work and actualizing higher realities from the heart is a natural process of embodied realizations

Jamie Lu

About Jamie Lu

Jamie Lu comes from a Filipino shamanic lineage and is gifted in Sight (clairvoyance) and Sound (Voice). She is an Intuitive Sound Shaman, world-renowned for working with difficult illnesses after healing herself from a heart condition and Hashimoto’s disease at age 24. She brings through Soul Languages and Songs to facilitate unexpected healings and shifts in consciousness. A Spiritual Mentor to many all over the world, she assists in Embodiment and Sovereign Awakening to one’s Source.

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