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QCTV: Anastasia & The Ringing Cedars of Russia with Judy Cali

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Judy will channel Anastasia & any other Surprise Guests for a Personal Group Message & each person on the Call & Replay will receive a Healing Blessing from Anastasia. Judy integrated her Ascended Master Self as Anna, Mother Mary’s Mother also recently as The Ambassador of all The New Children & also many other Integrations in the last 2 years. Judy will also be offering an Anastasia Custom Prayer with an MP3 including a Ringing Cedar Activation for those scheduling a session.  You will leave this Webinar smiling & forever changed if you truly listen with your Heart.

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A Message from Judy:

In 2005, I was guided to a profound book called Anastasia.
Over the next few years the 9 books were published & became known only by word of mouth. They have not been advertised & I understand, sold way over 15 Million Copies.

Anastasia lives alone, with Son, deep in a remote Glade in the Russian Siberian Taiga Forest with a Bear, She Wolf & other Animals.
She has Knowledge & Powers, including a Blue Sphere & Ray that Far Exceeds anything known today.

Her Myth Shattering Heartfelt Messages for Humanity, will uplift you & you can feel the Profound Truth she shares.

In her books she covers so many wonderful Topics:

Cedar Trees start Ringing after 500 years & wearing a Cedar Pendant, from a Ringing Cedar, will carry Healing Energies that can Heal All Diseases.

Ecological Communities
& Common Sense.
Education & Forest Schools.
Gardening & Ideal Nutrition.

Child Rearing, Conception, Pregnancy, Home Birth &
Upbringing of Children with Love.

Healing & Harmony with Nature.
Sexuality & Family.
History & Creation of Universe.

War, Oppression & Violence.
Ancestral Wisdom & Science.
Religion & Roots of Inter-Racial & Inner-Religious Conflict.

Family Domain Lots on a 2.5 Acre of Land for ALL Family Members including a Living Fence of 300 Trees, a Pond 16 meters across, Family Home, Gazebo, Home Grown Garden of Food for each Generation, Family Tree & Burial for a Poverty-Free Existence for your Perpetuity.

Anastasia Speaks:
“I exist for those whom I exist”

“Only as a Man & Woman desiring a Child merge, does a New Star 🌟 Light up in Heaven.”

“God is the Interplanetary Mind or Intelligence. He is not to be found in a single mass. 1/2 of Him is in the non-material realm of the Universe. This is the sum total of ALL energies, the other 1/2 of Him is dispersed across the Earth, in every individual, in every being.”

“God created The Cedar Tree to store Cosmic Energy.”


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