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QCTV: Money DNA: Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint with Judy Wilkins-Smith


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How Healthy Is Your Money DNA? Decode your Money DNA- the unconscious money habits you have inherited from your family system- to break through the limiting patterns that are stymying a free-flowing relationship with the currency of abundance.

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Everybody inherits distinctly unique DNA. We inherit our ancestors’ good or bad looks, their blue, brown, or hazel eyes, their height, their teeth, and even their diseases. But did you know you can inherit your ancestors’ money habits as well?

Your financial patterns may have originated generations ago as a result of your ancestors’ need to survive or their ability to thrive. For example, if your great-grandfather saved and then lost a lot of money in the Great Depression, he may have decided that saving money is fruitless and that it is better to spend it while you can. That may have set a family pattern of carefree spending in motion that is now causing you to regularly drain your bank account.

So, how can you look at money with a fresh perspective and change the patterns that may be preventing you from living your best life?

Judy Wilkins-Smith, world-renowned Family Patterns, Systemic Work, and Constellations Expert, Motivational Speaker, and Author offers guidance to disentangling the financial patterns that aren’t working and transforming your Money DNA.


  1. Why is money one of the best places to start looking at your unconscious emotional DNA inheritance and how do you determine if you have inherited an emotional pattern around money that is not innate to you?
  2. In systemic work and constellations (a process that swiftly reveals and helps transform hidden issues arising from family, business, and other kinds of close-knit groups or systems), anxiety and other negative emotions are common signs that a pattern is needing or wanting to change in the system.
  3. Understanding Money DNA and creating a healthier money mindset with a simple systemic exercise that will reveal your money bandwidth and current state of mind. Once you know the pattern, then you can change it.
  4. If you can identify patterns and events from prior generations, you’ve just identified the origins of your thoughts, feelings, and actions around money—your Money DNA. And if you don’t have any knowledge of your ancestral history, that’s okay. Simply look at your own patterns with money. They came from someone. Being able to pin a name on the source of your money DNA is fun, but it isn’t necessary.
  5. Finally, imagine something good that you really want to do with your money. Your deepest heart’s desire. Your heart’s desire embodies the new pattern of money that is trying to emerge through you. Allow yourself to feel what it would be like to achieve that heart’s desire. The clearer your heart’s desire, the more you can emotionally invest in it. Now you are building new Money DNA—a new pattern that will pull you beyond your excuses, reasons, and patterns of staying stuck.
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About Judy Wilkins-Smith

Judy Wilkins-Smith is an internationally renowned organizational, individual, and family patterns expert and author of Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint, now being translated into five languages. As a systemic coach, trainer, facilitator, thought partner, motivational speaker, and founder of System Dynamics for Individuals & Organizations, she works with high-performance individuals, legacy families, and Fortune 50 C-suite executives and their teams to identify and break limiting cycles and transform challenges into lasting breakthroughs and peak performance. She is widely respected for leading fearless transformation and illustrating how even the biggest train wreck is simply a doorway to the next incredible possibility waiting beyond perceived brick walls.

Passionate about visionary leadership and human potential, Judy works relentlessly to move clients beyond perceived limitations. She collaborates with decision-makers to unleash their appetite for excellence and growth, passion, balance, and sustained success and is widely recognized as an expert trainer in Systemic Work and Constellations, a leading-edge approach to coaching and problem-solving in 3D widely employed in top global companies today. By engaging multiple senses instead of only intellect, decision-making becomes more informed, elevated, and balanced.

In her work with high-profile individuals and wealthy families, Judy is known for her discretion and sense of humor. Her popular live events attract those in search of the next levels, higher possibilities, and lives that make a difference.

She is the author of Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint: A Powerful Guide to Transformation Through Disentangling Multigenerational Patterns (Sounds True).

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