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QCTV: Finding Peace Through Your Family Lineage – A Family Constellation Approach with Julia Sahalie

About This Show

There are certain “threads of consciousness” that connect family members regardless of time- space, distances and even beyond the boundaries of birth and death. The path that leads to inner peace is through our family lineage. Each of us is a continuation of our respective mothers and fathers, our family lineage and all that has occurred by and to our ancestors back through each generation.

Many of our behaviors, patterns and internal conflicts have been handed to us as unconscious beliefs. Our struggles in our life today have roots in our early childhood years and even the choices we made before birth.

The integrative family constellation approach is a path to exploring your family lineage and discovering your true nature. This journey helps foster reconciliation and wholeness of the family system by making amends with inherited trauma and family patterns so you can find peace, meaning and purpose.

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  • What a Family Constellation is and how its unique approach will not only help you in resolving conflicts, you will also learn the path to discover who you are and where you belong in this world.
  • What molecular scars are, how they are passed down, how they affect us and the what they need most to heal.
  • The new paradigm of integration and why you don’t need to focus on clearing karmic residue.
  • What the 3 existential questions are that we ask to understand our reality.
  • What the four levels of conscience are.
Julia Sahalie

About Julia Sahalie

Julia Sahalie is a sacred birth keeper who facilitates sacred space for resolving early trauma imprints formed before, during and after birth.

She provides guided regression journeys, energy healing and somatic therapy for creating new neurological imprints throughout all timelines.

She is a certified clinical medical support hypnotherapist, certified in past life, inter-life and neonatal regression, a pre and perinatal practitioner and a Hypnobabies childbirth educator. She is also the host of the Cosmic Birth Show.

Her safe and compassionate presence supports those with wounded hearts return home to their holy innocence so they become their own healing presence and be able to self-regulate in the face of life’s triggers.

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