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QCTV: The Great Ascension Adventure: Activating our Pillars of Light and Upgrading our Soul Structure with Julie Claire


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Ascension isn’t an event per say, it’s an ongoing process that has been unfolding in waves over the last couple of decades. These waves get stronger and stronger and push on the collective consciousness to awaken more and more.

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These ‘Ascension Waves’ go deep into the fabric of the 3-D human reality and bring up to the surface what needs to be faced and embraced and transmuted and dissolved as we evolve into our new dimensional dwelling home (5-D).

Anchoring the Light as solid Pillars – able to receive, hold and flow these increasingly powerful waves – is the greatest contribution we can offer to the ongoing ascension process. It has been called ‘The Great Work of Our Times’ and some of us have been fully devoted to it for decades while many more are now waking up as the Ascension Waves amplify. Do you feel these waves calling you to come into ‘The Great Work’? It’s time to rise and shine and stand unified, together!

In order to be strong unwavering Pillars of Light anchoring and beaming out these Ascension Waves into the 5D Earth Grid, 2 very important requirements need to be met. We need to be fully individuated, standing straight within ourselves – no leaning on others or leaking out energies; and we need to receive the upgrades and activations in our physical and photoluminescent cellular structures so we can ground, deep into the Earth, the Ascension energies coming into us.


  1. Activate your Pillar of Light and Anchor it to God and Gaia with a & “Triple Heart Connection”
  2. Experience the benefits of a Multi-Dimensional Harmonization of your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul
  3. Learn about the 7 types of Ascension Particles and the 9 physical and 13 energetic doorways through which we absorb these particles in our physical and photoluminescent cells
Julie Claire HS

About Julie Claire

Julie Claire is a Spiritual Guide, Teacher and Energy Harmonizer that offers mystical teachings and tools of transcendence to Souls that are waking up and seeking guidance on their spiritual journey. Over the past 22 years, she has bridged the gap between intellect and intuition by anchoring them deep into the body and converging these 3 ways of knowing into a powerful healing methodology she calls ‘Multi-Dimensional Harmonization’. She offers Spiritual Mentorship Programs focused on teaching energy tools to develop psychic abilities, activate spiritual powers, fine-tune intuition and upgrade energetic structures. Her deepest passion and ultimate pleasure is to be a Guide and Companion to those who hear the call and are ready to expand out of limited mind and into limitless Soul and ground their Essence so we can all stand as Pillars of Embodied Light and fully participate to The Great Work of Our Times: our Ascension into the 5th Dimension.

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