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QCTV: The Star Mothers of Genesis & The 8 Pillars of Venus with Kate Alexandra


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Every Woman holds the codes of the Star Mother awaiting Activation within her Mitochondrial DNA. As she moves through the 8 phases of her Self-Initiation, she activates her internal 8-pointed Star – a beacon of Divine Feminine Consciousness.

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Venus is the bridge between Heaven & Earth that assists the merging of Spirit & Matter – the process of Divine Embodiment. The 8 Pillars of Venus is hereby a supportive curation uniting practical earthly guide posts with expansive multidimensional illumination. The 8 Pillars is a Grounded Translation of the Guiding Light of Venus: the Guiding Light of the Divine Feminine.

Kate is fully Devoted to supporting the Star Mothers in the birthing, translation and Creation of New Reality through the power of Authentic Feminine Consciousness.

The 8 Pillars of Venus are a Diamond Heart Teaching that Kate has simultaneously downloaded, and activated during her own Self-Initiation process of Spiritual Awakening. Her whole life she has been prepped to share these perspectives on the Feminine Principle of Creation.

It is through the Higher Soul Light of the Lyran Grandmother (better known as Sekmet) that has guided Kate in her human translation of Venusian Consciousness, so to support other women on their unique paths of spiritual initiation.


  1. View reality through the lens of the Divine Feminine Principle of Creation
  2. Gain clarity of the Divine Oracle, the innate gift inside every Feminine
  3. Feel inspired to dive deeper into your Feminine journey of Self-Initiation
Kate Alexandra

About Kate Alexandra

Kate’s Service & Wisdom Sharing is fundamentally based upon her perspective of the innate communion with Cosmos of micro-macro. Anchoring Future Consciousness has been a theme profoundly woven through the multitude of inter-dimensional and extra-sensory experiences Kate has had throughout her life.

Having experienced premonitions, out-of-body experience & communion with many beautiful expressions of Higher Light Consciousness most of her life, she was prepped to both hold and share the Diamond Heart Teachings.

Working for the past 4 years as a regression facilitator and creator of Quantum Bridging Regression technique, Kate’s purpose is very much rooted in bridging mind & spirit, expanding our consciousness to create new reality.

Kate now hosts in-person Feminine Empowerment retreats in her homeland of Costa Rica where she dives deep into the 8 Pillars of Venus and the Diamond Heart Teachings, helping women to shift their reality & cultivate a deeper connection with their unique Soul Essence & Purpose.

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