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QCTV: Galactic Star Light Empowerment Session for Families with Kathy Metdenancxt


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During this masterclass for children, young people and their parents, Kathy teaches a powerful Galactic Star Light Release technique that helps families release limiting emotions or frequencies that are not in alignment with their highest potential.

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The technique helps you release anything that no longer serves within a few minutes!
This technique not only helps you to let go of limiting emotions, however also helps you to increase positive emotions in minutes. After the session you can immediately apply it for any limiting emotions yourself or your son/daughter experiences in your daily life.

During the session Kathy, who is a cosmic channel, brings an empowering Galactic Star Light language transmission which will help you and your family embody your radiant divine self.


  1. Let go of limiting emotions and frequencies
  2. Release overstimulation (especially for highly sensitive people)
  3. Feel empowered and embody your enlightened self

About Kathy Metdenancxt

Kathy Metdenancxt is a holistic child and teenager coach and child meditation coach. She is a cosmic channel, Akashic Records reader and healer and speaks light language. All with the divine purpose to help children, teenagers and adults feel relaxed, self-confident and empowered.

During the past 6 years she has helped hundreds of children feel relaxed and empowered during all her activities.

Kathy offers energetic transformational sessions, Galactic Star Light private energy sessions, her Galactic Star Light Family Empowerment program for children, youngsters and adults worldwide.

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