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QCTV: Activating Your Sacred Divine Feminine for New Earth with Keleena Malnar

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Keleena will discuss the nuances of the sacred divine feminine’s return to life within all humanity, especially women, to empower each soul to reclaim their authentic self.

Our earth has been subject to an aggressive past that is no longer useful as the realms of time fade away. Aggressive distorted action is now giving way to love, compassion, and nurturing through fulfilling alignment with our divine cosmic mother, earth mother, and all mothers that have come before us to lead humanity to live in the moment and as the presence of love in peace.

Keleena will bring through codes of light to assist in removing patterns, behaviors, and beliefs about yourself that hold you back from stepping into your authentic, balanced, feminine & masculine self.

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We anchor in our hearts and souls the love of our great mother; as above, so below. Through this alignment, we become a balanced humanity, through integration, for our freedom to love and be loved. In this freedom, we now choose to love ourselves, our inner being, reclaim all we are as source, the I AM presence that sustains us eternally.


  1. Some steps to remove beliefs about yourself that have suppressed your feminine nature.
  2. Steps to center yourself as your divine I AM presence.
  3. Some steps to reclaim your divine feminine power in love as a god-sovereign being.
Keleena Malnar

About Keleena Malnar

Keleena has been connected with her guides since she was a small child, which has prepared her to know, see and be her authentic self. Through her ascension experiences, embodiments, and activations from source, she has reclaimed her authentic self as a Divine Wayshower of Ascension, Multidimensional Quantum Activator, and International Facilitator.

As a Transformational Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healer and New Earth Divine Feminine Leader, Keleena facilitates empowerment through Light Language Activations, Healing, and Mentorship to assist humanity, to know thyself, love thyself, and be thyself clearing internal judgment, distorted subconscious fears, and programs behind.

Her current focus is on the divine feminine to restore and reclaim themselves to their full god-given abilities and live without limitation. She is also leading women on their priestess path of sovereignty.

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