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QCTV: Lemurian Donna Carol Introduces you to the Mother Goddess of Ancient Lemuria


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2022/10/04 13:00:00

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Lemurian Donna Carol is the original channel for the Lemurian Mother Goddess, an ancient aspect of Prime Creator. The Mother Goddess lived on a continent in the Pacific Ocean that sunk long ago. This original Garden of Eden was the homeland of the sacred feminine principle. Here, divine nurturance, fertility, communication and love were the normal way of life. It is Donna Carol’s divine soul mission to bring this energy back to Terra Nova, or Earth.


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Lemurians are awakening at this time. They will move into a new Lemuria where the Divine Mother Goddess resides. The Lemurian Way is the calling card of the Lemurian culture. One becomes honest, trustworthy, gentle and nurturing. One interacts with an open heart and always considers the other first. One carries a high frequency marked by peace, love and understanding. We are moving towards the Lemurian Way en- masse.an!


  1.  Connect with the Lemurian energy, which is the basis for the new age.
  2.  Meet the Lemurian Mother Goddess, the deity who is overseeing this new age.
  3.  Learn about the Lemurian Mother crystal off of the coast of Maui.
  4.  Learn about the portals opened by the Lemurian Mother Goddess in 2021 and 2022.
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About Donna Carol Martens

Donna Carol has a BA in Architectural History and an MBA in Marketing. She has been meditating since 1996. She is certified in HeartThread Healing, IET – Integrated Energy Therapy, and Laughter Yoga. She offers individual spiritual readings, HeartThread healing sessions, publicly channeled messages, channeling courses, monthly spiritual cleanses, and group conscious breathwork sessions. She also sells selenite from Utah and New Mexico, as well as crystal angels.

Donna Carol can also connect to the Arcturians, Archangels, Green Hearted Healers, various ascended masters and departed human souls. Donna Carol specializes in informational readings, where the following can be discussed:

Past Lives
Divine Soul Mission
Intergalactic Origins
Karmic Strengths and Weaknesses

Her guides align Lightworkers to their soul star and spiritual path. Her calling is healing others. She uses crystals to help achieve these goals.

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