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QCTV: Temples of Golden Light with Linda Jarrett

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The Temples of Golden Light are a gift from source to rebalance Planet Earth with goddess enery and raise the vibration through ascension.

As these are etheric temples, each may be visited during meditation, contemplation, or one’s sleepstate for healing, relaxation, upliftment, inspiration, cellular renewal, and the release of any energy blocks stopping you from moving forward.
The temples will give you guidance and protection. They are filled with love and total light.

Three goddesses watch over them: Lady Nada, twin flame of Jesus Christ; Goddess Jacinta, who works with the rainforests and nature on Planet Earth; Goddess Lathinda, who comes from another universe called the Universe of Golden Light.

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Linda Jarrett

About Linda Jarrett

I am an Author, Ascension Spiritual Mentor, Golden Light Healer, Meditation Teacher, Clairvoyant and Light Language Channel/Activator.

I have channelled this work to be able to help people to heal themselves. You can create a new positive harmonious life by linking with the Temples of Golden Light; this will bring about balance and peace.

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