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QCTV: Step into a Higher Frequency with Linda Johns


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This Divine Matrix is multidimensional and holds the original knowledge and blueprints of creation. Anytime we need help, guidance, or healing, we can drop into our sacred heart space and bring our awareness into the Inner circle of this Divine Crystalline Matrix and merge into oneness with the frequency of Divine intelligence and become the multidimensional expression of our Divine Star Light.

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We are all on a spiritual journey consciously or unconsciously to release the conditioning and collective belief systems that limit our spirit’s ability to shine brightly. As we free ourselves from the old illusions of fear, the feeling of lack, beliefs of being “not enough”, we uncover so many other mind traps.

It is then that we start to re-claim the parts and pieces of ourselves that have been dormant, quiet, and stashed away. In doing so, we are giving ourselves permission to step into a higher frequency of our true light.

There is a saying that everything in the universe is Frequency. Nikola Tesla once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

Join me as we look at the frequencies of our emotions and chemical interactions within our daily lives and how we can learn to bridge the consciousness of the mind into the sacredness of the Divine heart.
Within our sacred heart space, we step into the inner circle of the Divine Crystalline Matrix.


  1. Walk through an exercise to bring awareness into the frequency of emotions, becoming aware of patterns and the power of choice.
  2. Connect into the Divine Matrix within the Sacred Heart and be completely surrounded with Divine support.
  3. Move beyond our limited mind programmed experiences and into an expanded awareness through divine intelligence.
Linda Johns HS1

About Linda Johns

Linda has worked in the field of alternative healing for over 30 years. She is the founder of “Journey to Healing, A Bridge to Awareness and Truth”, where she has shared her healing services in over 10,000 private sessions for both people and animals. With her natural psychic and intuitive abilities, clairvoyant insights and compassion, Linda has come to realize that her true passion is leading adventures to spirit. This flows into all paths of her work from individual healing sessions and classes and workshops in the healing arts, to developing one’s own spiritual gifts and personal growth, and Healing Retreats with Whales and Dolphins.  Linda has many years of training, study, and experience in both the healing arts and in spiritual studies, and holds certifications from the Quantum Healing Center, the Institute of Health and Healing, the International Breath Institute, and the Wildfire Holistic Animal Healing Center, as well as being certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher, an Animal Communicator, a Spiritual Path Finder.

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