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QCTV: Voice of Light with Linda Lewellyn

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Learn to sing and give your soul wings!

It’s been said that singing feels a lot like flying- an indescribable sense of freedom… don’t we all yearn for that? And when you sing from your heart, you feel free. Each of us has the potential to sing and give our soul wings! Our voices are a natural part of our bodies, self-contained instruments that are always with us and always available. We literally begin life with a healthy voice that cries out when we’re born! But far too often vocal expression is shut down as we grow up, many of us are convinced that we shouldn’t or can’t sing by a comment from a parent or sibling, a teacher, spouse or friend. Or maybe it’s from our cultural norm of letting famous singers and musicians express emotions for us. Though it’s wonderful to listen to music and let it move you, expressing your own emotions with your own voice is more powerful, and remarkably healing. My mission is to empower you to befriend your voice- for your health, for freedom of expression and for the sheer joy of it.

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I sang for my first audience at age 5. It was a surprising choice for a shy child, but I believe my soul had something to say and thank goodness it did! Singing became my life’s work and has given me so much joy! I went professional in my 20’s, often singing with a band in clubs and music festivals, and slowly over the years, performing transitioned into teaching voice and Chakra Toning. My goal now is to share my love of singing, to expand your self-expression and show you that your voice is your new best friend. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our families, communities and society encouraged everyone to express themselves through art, singing, toning, writing, dancing? Can you imagine a better world if we didn’t suppress or ignore our self-expression? I can, and I believe we are moving in that direction. I’d be honored to guide your vocal empowerment… it’s there inside, just waiting to come out! And my course, Singing Simply from the Soul, offers easy steps that anyone can follow to better understand and free their voice. My monthly Voice of Light Chakra Toning sessions give you a chance to dig deeply into your voice’s essence, and feel its peaceful, calming energy.

I believe making friends with your voice will fill you with joy, and give you a new healing tool that will last a lifetime! Far beyond singing a song or two- the more you use your voice, the easier it is to speak up, express your truth, calm and soothe yourself and expand your creativity. New horizons may open before you that you can’t even imagine yet… so learn to sing and give your soul wings!

Linda Lewellyn

About Linda Lewellyn

Linda Lewellyn has taught voice & Chakra Toning for 28 years in Boulder, Colorado & Online. She holds 2 BAs in Music & in The Psychology of Health & Healing from Naropa University. Linda is a Certified Member of the Sound Healers Association, Certified Level II Reiki, and has been singing professionally for over 40 years.

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