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 Consciously Creating Magical Reality with Lisa Transcendence Brown


About This Show

Are you ready to explore creating all new realities and live your most magical dreams here? Perfect! WE LOVE this part of the process!
Today we will discuss many things relative to creating through heart connected consciousness, opening up to living magical realities and aligning all on a Soul Level, where Heaven is anchored from within you/each one of us to EXPERIENCE AS Y/OUR ENTIRE REALITY and how y/our LightBody is “how” you (WE all) do this.
We are so excited that you are ready to PLAY with discovering simple ways to open up to re-connect with your own CREATOR aspect, bringing forth your own child-like wonder and awe, imagination and excitement at all the possibilities and opportunities available through your own wide-open heart connection here!

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Join us…. to activate more JOY and awareness of how simple all can be (when we allow it to be) and how important it is to focus on your heart-consciousness and LIGHTBODY as a priority so that you can live your most magical dreams here too!
p.s. We create ENTIRE REALITIES through our full consciousness… yet we start with the small and work our way up…. continually expanding how we create in infinite ways….  Let’s have some fun and look at what we each can do to embrace CREATIVITY as an important part of actualizing the most beautiful experiences as our own REALities here. ♥
p.p.s. Because all is multi-dimensional, OF COURSE we will be discussing on a multi-dimensional level! We will also discuss individual dreams as a part of the greater whole, as well as how much more awesome all can be when we UNITE to create/accomplish magical reams together (Unity Consciousness) and some of the ways we can do this with greater ease as well!

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