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QCTV: How to Live as an Ascended Master with Macaya Miracle


About This Show

Come play and clear out what’s holding you back from living as an ascended master. You’ll learn the #1 Key to Ascension. I’ll be sharing about How to Live in 5D and Consciously Create Your Reality.

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You’ll also experience a 5D Ascension Activation to infuse you with the energies of the 5th Dimension to Raise Your Vibration and bring you to a whole new level of Infinite Awareness and Infinite Health.


  1. Learn the #1 Key to Ascension
  2. Receive a 5D Ascension Activation Help you Step into Your Ascended Mastery
  3. Learn to Clear Out Limiting Beliefs and Painful Emotions in 10 Seconds or Less
  4. Start Living in a State of Flow
Macaya Miracle

About Macaya Miracle

Macaya Miracle is an Energy Healer and Teacher from California, USA. He helps people all over the world experience more joy, more love, more health and more ease in their life.

He has studied 34 modalities of healing and has created/Channeled 78 new modalities of healing on the planet. He mainly uses the Accelerated Light Healing Energies, which he is the co-creator, as he gets the quickest, easiest and most effective results with them.

Macaya teaches in person and online classes in Ascension and Energy Healing and also does one-on-one sessions online with people all over the world.


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