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QCTV: Communion with The Start Kindred and Illumined Master Teacher Thoth with Maia Nartoomid


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From my birth in 1949 being guided and taught by the Star Kindred and Illumined Master Teacher Thoth.

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This is my story, and a brief presentation on the core universal principles given to me by these Kindred and Thoth.


  1. Awaken to your own Story.
  2. A better understanding for parents in guiding awakened children.
  3. Understanding the core principles (in brief) of Thothic quantum dynamics.

About Maia Nartoomid

I am a Mysterium Teacher under the etheric Temple of Thoth, a spiritual consultant, akashic translator (reader) and digital / AI artist. I have been translating from the Akasha consciously as a profession of Spirit since 1967.
I am  co-founder and now sole operative of Spirit Heart Sanctuary, a non-profit ministry. Within the New Earth Star Inner Academy, I outreach my source translations from the Akashic Records on planetary transformation and inner self-awareness, employing quantum meta-sciences and heart ascension principles. My  internet services extend to members and participants globally.

The intersection of quantum physics and conscious evolution in my writings was validated in meetings with Edgar Mitchell, then an Apollo 14 astronaut and later founder of The Institute of Noetic Sciences, and through close correspondence with L. George Lawrence, the inventor of the first laser engine.

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