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QCTV: The Landscapes of Mother Earth as the Landscapes of our Consciousness with Maraya Forrest


About This Show

The light of creation is available to all creator beings. The light of our creators heart has little characters in it called the elemental kingdom or nature spirits.

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We call this light the Holy Spirit and the designs of it can be seen in nature around us. This light is brought into form by the mighty Elohim and its designs are based on the patterns that were sung into creation by the Avatars, creators of this universe.


  1. Understand your true nature
  2. Trust in your true nature
  3. Release fear and receive acceptance
  4. Shift the perception of your reality, by expanding your consciousness
  5. Understand how the unconscious materialises into consciousness
  6. Unite Heaven and Earth
Maraya Forrest

About Maraya Forrest

I grew up in Wildest Africa, my father was a Game Ranger. My memories are Nature and the wild spirit of my own divine nature. Through deep process of my childhood trauma’s I have learned to know myself as a worthy being through realisation that there is no separation between myself and Mother Earth, her nature is my own.

Using the Codes of Creation of the Elohim I unlock distorted patterns and return the Blueprint design of Mother Earth uniting heaven and earth, reconnecting us to our divine nature.

Through the sounds of the Avatars I push the light threads into the original patterns and designs of the earths structure reconnecting our souls light into this plane of existence.

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