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QCTV: The Timelines and Dimensions with Maraya Forrest


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Within the centre of my heart is the centre of the cross in the circle, that place where the four lower bodies become balanced – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We see these bodies brought into form by the Mighty Elohim through the elements of earth, water, air and fire, where earth is the physical body, water is the emotional body, air is the mental body and fire the spirit body. This happens under the guidance of the Devic kingdom and the elemental kingdom.

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Our Earth Symbol, the cross in the circle is the method of balance that brings us into alignment enabling us to access all the consciousness that ‘I Am’. There is a process that we can apply to doing this, through understanding and application we are able to unite our light with the earth plane bringing heaven to earth.

The light of creation is available to all creator beings. The light of mother earths creation has the ‘characters’ or nature spirits of the elemental kingdom in it, we call this light the Holy Spirit. For the Kingdoms of Heaven to land on the earth plane in alignment with the Divine Heart of our Creator, our bodies need to be in the same blueprint design as Mother Nature. Understanding our divine nature is to understand the light and form of our Creators heart, the heart of Mother Earth.


  1. Find your heart centre, the centre of the cross in the circle, our earth symbol
  2. Access that which needs attention from within the unconscious
  3. Align with the timelines and dimensions returning our wisdom
Maraya Forrest

About Maraya Forrest

I grew up in Wildest Africa, my father was a Game Ranger. My memories are Nature and the wild spirit of my own divine nature. Through deep process of my childhood trauma’s I have learned to know myself as a worthy being through realisation that there is no separation between myself and Mother Earth, her nature is my own.

Using the Codes of Creation of the Elohim I unlock distorted patterns and return the Blueprint design of Mother Earth uniting heaven and earth, reconnecting us to our divine nature.

Through the sounds of the Avatars I push the light threads into the original patterns and designs of the earths structure reconnecting our souls light into this plane of existence.

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