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QCTV: The Healed Inner Child as a Portal to Self-love, Joy and The Mystical with Margo Fraser

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Margo will do readings for a select few callers… the question to ask Margo is: “What aspect is most eclipsing the Light of my Inner Child?”

The challenges, limitations and isolation that many have been up against recently, and the associated fear, resentment, confusion and agitation that have been pervading the energetic field are really bringing forth the need to connect deeply with our own light. We each carry our Inner Child within us and s/he can be a magical portal to that light…to Divine connection, self-love, intuitive power and creativity...that transform these lower level energies and revitalize our ability to view the world with wonder and joy.  

However, if your Inner Child has unresolved wounds or hurts, it can be the part of us reacting to people and experiences in a way that does not serve us.  Even if you had what you would describe as a good childhood, there can be hidden conditioning based on the habits, patterns, beliefs and values of your family, and the culture and community you grew up in that are unknowingly disconnecting you from your authentic self and being able to shine from a place of deep self-love. 

The Celestial frequencies present in the natural world…the planets, plants, gems, metals, etc.,… can support you in the healing, restoration and enhanced connection to the Mystical Spirit of your Inner Child that empowers you in Being and Loving your Unique Nature. Are you ready to play?

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  • Unhealthy patterns sparked in childhood, revealed through the child archetypes, that can have you reacting in disempowering ways now
  • The Celestial planetary energy, that almost No one knows about, that facilitates connection to your Child’s Light and authentic communication.
  • Activating your Inner Child as a direct portal to the Mystical — for greater Intuitive power and Divine connection.
Margo Fraser

About Margo Fraser

Margo Fraser is a Nature Mystic and Cosmic Connector who is able to weave high vibration light messages into your Being. She unmasks and releases the energetic wounds, triggers and sabotaging beliefs, conscious and unconscious, that can have you running ragged, feeling off track, depleted, and confused about your purpose. She channels the Celestial healing and revitalizing nature energies and essences in collaboration with Divine Beings. Margo is also a Certified Human Design Professional, Certified Intuitive Strategist and Master Teacher with Academy for the Soul. She is honoured to facilitate empowering results best described by one of her clients; “Words can’t describe the beauty I feel inside of me…such openness and the fear has gone away….I feel stronger, I feel carefree! I feel loved! And I love!”

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