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QCTV: How to Access the Divine Goddess to Create Overflow and Sufficiency with Maria Martinez


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I love playing in the frequency and vibration of Divine Goddess. It allows me to really feel into my truth and the truth of creation within me. To play in this space, you first choose it then you open up your heart, body, and energy and raise your vibration to match, and reflect the qualities of Divine Goddess, Cosmic Mother, Divine Sacred Feminine. However, getting to this space is not always easy or direct.

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There are several paths to embodying your Goddess and living from this space of unconditional love. Where ever you are is perfect. Everything begins with a choice, ” I deserve to embody this beautiful part of me that is waiting to shine her brilliance to the world.” I choose to embrace this part of me that is unconditional love, compassion and loving kindness.” Then from where you are you begin your work toward alignment.

Your journey to embodying and embracing your radiance, power and magnificence allows you to heal at the multi-dimensional level, repair and active your Divine blueprint at the cellular level and DNA level as well as cleansing and repairing your chakras, auric field, Hara line and access portal.

Through this process you are reconnecting with the divine within you, your spirit, soul and Higher Self and cultivation a relationship of trust, faith, and surrender. You are also healing the physical body from spiritual interferences, and engaging the mental and emotional bodies by clearing, and healing emotional blockages, mental programs, and trauma. You are also inviting your inner child to be seen, to be heard, to be acknowledged, and receive what she/he needs to heal the trauma that has held that part of stuck in that loop and pattern.


  1. How to take radical responsibility and become the master of your destiny
  2. Self- Awareness and What you are reflecting out into the world
  3. The importance of cultivating a relationship with Yourself, Spirit, High Self and Source and how to begin
  4. The relationship between your multi-dimensional bodies, how to integrate them into wholeness
  5. Overcoming Fear and Finding Joy and the Magic of the Unknown
  6. What is the seen and the unseen that affects, influences your body and may create in your reality and how to stir away from what is not in your highest good
Maria Martinez HS

About Maria Martinez

I am a Human Potential Activator, Money Energy Alchemist, Multi-dimensional Quantum Healer, Intuitive Business Coach, Author, Speaker, Podcast, Radio and TV Host. My passion is to help women unlock their full potential to fully express their divine extraordinary code and share it with the world while creating a successful business, work life balance and living their best life. Wealth, Health and Love are already available to us and I love bridging the magic of the 5D and the currently reality of the 3D to recreate and design your most extraordinary life.

My specialties are Healing the unexplained, facilitating higher state of wealth consciousness to super charge your manifesting power and helping you access your supernatural gifts and monetize them and healing your relationships with self and others.

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