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QCTV: Marlenea Johnson: Soul Healing Sessions

About This Show

Do you feel heavy, weighted down by life?
Are you feeling unfulfilled, stuck, and wanting more peace in your life?
Are you suffering from past lives, generational curses, family bondages, heartbreak, grief, loneliness?
Do you find negative patterns and cycles showing up constantly?
Are you feeling guilty, ashamed, embarrassed?
Unable to release or let go of hurt?
Do you have people attached to your energy?
Have you done all you know to do still finding yourself experiencing certain issues?
If you said yes to any of these then this is the call for you. Come join us with Marlenea to Experience rapid results by expanding your soul by releasing the heavy chains of eons will unleash the power of your unique soul.

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  1. Take back Your Power and Keep it
  2. Say YES to ME and No to that!
  3. Protect yourself from energy vampires, evil and negative transfers, or any kind of negative energy
  4. How to speak the language of Your Higher Self and Heal Your Soul

About Marlenea Johnson

Hi, I’m Magical Marlenea. Your Dream Life Activator. I specialize in Magical Manifestations.
Ever since I can remember I’ve had a keen sense of Super intuition, the innate ability to know things in advance.
Many times I feel other people’s energy and emotions which helps me to read into the inner conflict holding them back from truly aligning with their purpose.
There’s no limitation on what you can achieve! It takes a pure desire and determination.
A willingness to take the chance and continue forging ahead.
I always say, ‘What’s stopping you?” Bring it on!

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