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QCTV: How to Step into Your Divine Service Work on Earth with Matthew John


About This Show

Finding one’s divinely-guided Service Work/purpose is one of the most wonderful and magical things that you can experience throughout your Ascension process.

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Internationally-recognized Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Healer Matthew John is grateful to have found his divinely-guided Service Work and purpose on Earth, and he takes great pleasure in helping his followers from around the world step into their mission and purpose!


  1. How your soul plans your specific purpose and Service Mission
  2. How your purpose and Service Work relates to other lifetimes, on this and other planets
  3. How to find your purpose and Service Work
  4. How to make your Service Work into a full-time living, if you so desire
    …and MUCH MORE!

Matthew will do LIVE READINGS to help identify your Service Work and purpose!

Matthew John

About Matthew John

Matthew John is an internationally-recognized Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive, Psychic, Medium, Intuitive Astrologer, Starseed Guide, Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive & Spiritual Life Coach working with angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. He is a gifted intuitive, wisdom channeler and transmitter of healing frequencies.

Matthew has been on a 14-year+ Awakening journey. His powerful and effective teachings and healings are a product of many intense Awakening experiences, deeply human ordeals and tens of thousands of hours of study. He receives clear guidance from his Guides which he shares with his followers and clients from around the world. He specializes in helping others to heal their childhood and past-life traumas, reading people’s life plans from a Soul perspective, as well as serving as a mentor for Starseeds and those who are looking to accelerate their spiritual development.

As a Sirian & Andromedan Starseed Matthew is intimately familiar with the mission of Starseeds on this Earth. He guides clients and followers to connect with their Starseeded essence and to align with their specific Starseeded lifework.

Matthew is a spiritual leader for the Golden Age. He has an innate ability to see the ‘big picture’, and this is why he is so effective in assisting his clients and followers to heal, transform, and accelerate their Awakening.

Matthew resides in Western New York, U.S.A. with his Ascension dog Sebastian.

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