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QCTV: Activate Next Level Healing Abilities for Self and Other with Merissa Indigo and Master Healer Mother Mary


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Mother Mary is known as THE master healer and world Mother. As the mother of Yeshua Jesus the Christ who she conceived through the lightbody technology of divine birth, Mother Mary is the most powerful healer for us to rebirth ourselves and transform our lives personally and professionally.

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Ancestral healing is an empowering step which we each take when called to reconcile all karma and liberate ourselves from the old paradigm by literally rebirthing ourselves as our authentic selves, christed master lightbeings in human form. The system for this is an ancient Yogic system known as the Holy Womb chakra, a form of lightbody technology accessed through mantra and devotion to Mother Divine.
This mastery empowerment course shares everything you need to succeed and liberate yourself through this ancient system. The Holy Womb chakra is also called the technology of divine birth for women and men to connect with their birth mother and divine mother Mary as a POTENT portal to unlimited healing potential through what is known as the Holy Womb Chakra. This is our etheric umbilicus to Mother Mary, Mother Divine and Sophia, a lightbody technology of diamond rainbow light. This is the most powerful technology on Earth for all of humanity to use in divine alignment as creator beings for bringing through children, birthing realities, creating our ideal life and providing powerful divine healing for self and others.
This system was codified from Ancient India, hidden for 2600 years until the dawn of the Golden Age and resurrected by the Avatar Sri Kaleshwar of Southern India. Each of us has enormous potential to rebirth ourselves and clear karma for our entire lineage through the most potent ancestral healing, through the mother. Each of us has karma with the mother wound, it is indeed why we came here to clear and lift the entirety of creation through our own loving hearts and devotion as christed masters hiding in human form.


  1. Heal Heartbreak
  2. Heal Stuck Energy from Past Relationships
  3. Clear & Transform Negative Patterns
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About Merissa Indigo Marcuccella

Merissa has been consumed with her passion for the human potential, esoteric quantum physics, alien hybrid DNA and alternative healing since a small child.

She is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Dove Oracle, mother, writer and galactic shaman.

Her insatiable thirst to explore all subjects related to health, healing, our inherent human potential, the essence of consciousness, Earth-based indigenous traditions, archaeology/biology/chemistry and longevity began with her early introduction to alternative medicine as a little girl. She experienced several serious auto-immune disorders, the treatment of which opened her awareness to many forms of alternative medicine including acupuncture, TCM, naturopathic/allopathic remedies, herbalism, reiki, Ayurveda, Yoga, Kundalini yoga, mantra/prayer, sound healing, shamanism, and gem therapy to name a few. This was her first galactic shaman initiation.

During a near-death experience at 8 from an autoimmune disorder of the kidneys, she received a divine transmission from her higher self while in the hospital. She learned the root causes of illness being emotional/vibrational  in nature through her own health-related issues and their corresponding emotions or traumas. She also remembered her assignment or mission in this life, which was of service to humanity, for the restoration of freedom and joy for all. At age 9 she realized that her path was to help teach people how to both acquire and maintain their empowerment and thus optimum health through living an illumined lifestyle through self-awareness and self-mastery.

Merissa enthusiastically shares her wisdom of Ayurvedic philosophy, energetic alignment, mindfulness, love consciousness, and diet/lifestyle practices to help people take their health into their own hands. She has traveled and sat with indigenous elders all over the globe to receive ancient future tech Lemurian-Atlantean codes for the health and liberation of humanity. Sharing from her own personal experience of her soul integration journey, she combines her Ayurvedic education with traditional Hawaiian Huna, Shipibo cosmology, Western/Vedic/Mayan astrology, esoteric quantum physics, Qi Gong, Kundalini, Yoga, Human Design, shamanic/Earth practices from all over the world, Reiki, organic divine human DNA codes/technologies stored in our bodies, sacred aspect embodiment practices and more. This holographic experience enables her soul-coaching clients to de-program from old/artificial ego identities to make room to embody their soul. This leads to an expansion of consciousness and self-awareness for each individual through their own timeline of readiness, allowance and creation to actively engage in heart-centered living.

Her Mayan birth signature is White Resonant Wind, which symbolizes the service role of relating/transcribing messages from Spirit for self and others. As such Merissa transcribes codes for people to teach them how to also listen to all the messages, symbols, and frequencies all around and through us.

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