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QCTV: Quantum Heart Embodiment: A Heart-Empowering and Uplifting Message to Humanity with Monica Bermudez

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Monica Bermudez will share ways to listen to your heart guidance (aka heart GPS), and she will channel light language activating codes from the Divine Mother.

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In the midst of all the chaos of intensified duality and polarity on Earth, we are being asked to embody all of us through our embodiment of our sacred heart center. This includes the union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to form the sacred heart center. Your heart center is your personal intuitive GPS and compass to navigate through all of these changes. The heart center is the key to our ascension.

Humanity has suffered long enough, and the collective sacred heart is calling for our return into that re-union of our original state. Through all the grief and loss of many human incarnated lifetimes especially in recent events (i.e., pandemic) have accumulated in the heart to the point that we disconnected from ourselves and our Divine source within. The time is now for us to embrace these new Quantum energies to renew us into a new ascended human and thrive on this new ascended earth frequency.


  1. Learn Ways To Harness Your Self-Love Power
  2.  Strengthen Your Heart
  3. Trust Your Heart Guidance
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About Monica Bermudez

Monica Bermudez is a #1 international bestselling co-author in “Creating Your Legacy”, Intuitive Quantum Energy Healer, Light Language Channeler, and Lemurian High Priestess. A motivational and inspirational speaker, Monica uplifts audiences from their heartbreak to feeling increased clarity, confidence, empowerment, love and joy in their purpose and love life. Her mission is to alchemize the heart center with unique energy codes into deeper heart awakening, and she is unique in rebuilding and renewing all chakras & human grid system to initiate the Avatars as the ascended humans and masters on this Earth.

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