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QCTV: Awaken Your Ancestors’ Spiritual Wisdom: Partner with your Ancestresses to Heal Ancestral Wounds with MoNique Hunt


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Your ancestral heritage encompasses not just struggles and adversity but also a wealth of ancient wisdom and spiritual healing!

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This sacred legacy is ingrained within your blood and bones and has been passed down through generations. Your Ancestresses – mothers, grandmothers, and spirit aunties – who have found inner peace and healing now serve as your spiritual guides, ready to assist you in mending lineage wounds and uncovering the unique medicine inherited from your ancestry. These gifts are integral to fulfilling your soul’s purpose.


  1. The importance of reclaiming your ancestral roots and how this will lead to greater self-awareness, healing, and personal growth.
  2. Learn how partnering with your “Well” Ancestresses bring can help you heal intergenerational wounds and claim your inherited gifts.
  3. How the Eight Karmic Stories impact your life, and how Ancestress Story Healing can help you heal from the past and find peace in the present.
  4. Learn rituals you can use to start connecting with your Ancestresses.
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About Monique Hunt

Dr. MoNique is a spiritual teacher, ritualist, and mentor dedicated to helping healers bring their ancestral wisdom and skills to the present day. She is the founder of the Ancestress Legacy Warrior Practitioner Program and creator of Ancestress Story Healing, a unique system designed to help healers discover their unique Ancestress Medicine, release ancestral wounds, and fulfill their Soul’s purpose. With her doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling and years of training with her Ancestors and spiritual teachers, Dr. MoNique is a leading authority in the field of Ancestor reverence. As a business intuitive, she empowers spiritual entrepreneurs to enrich their healing skills and leave a lasting legacy.

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