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QCTV: Claim Your Abundance Now: 7 Keys to Staking Your Claims with Nedda Wittels

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In the 3-D world, you’ve been learning about limitation by experiencing it first-hand. Limitation includes concepts of scarcity, lack, poverty, competition, and struggle for resources.

Limitation is fear-based. Fear is the source of …
– lack
– scarcity
– poverty
– greed, and
– competition for resources.
These are all unnatural, disharmonious ways of being.

In higher, love-filled states of Consciousness, such as 5-D, you experience abundance, plenty, sharing, and helping one another as natural and harmonious ways to live.

Your natural state is expansive ABUNDANCE Consciousness.
Your natural state is Unity Consciousness.
Your natural state is Love-based Consciousness.

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Poverty Consciousness is a limited state of mind. Which of these situations are helping you stay in Poverty Consciousness?

  • Worrying about not having a job?
  • Struggling to keep your business going?
  • Having difficulty paying your rent/mortgage?
  • Wondering how you’ll be able to buy food?
  • Concerned about the health of yourself and your family?
  • Listening to all the negativity on the media and internet?
  • Fear of the future?
  • Experiencing stress, anxiety, worry, panic, and overwhelm?

Attend “Claim Your Abundance” Now and you can:

  • Discover that the flow of ABUNDANCE is everywhere, even if you don’t currently notice it.
  • Learn some of the ways you’ve been programmed to accept Poverty Consciousness.
  • Check out a few distorted beliefs that keep people from ABUNDANCE
  • Hear Nedda’s personal story of how she began making this shift herself.
  • Experience a guided meditation that will help you shift into ABUNDANCE Consciousness.
  • Connect with the heart qualities of Generosity and Gratitude, two powerful tools to assist you in maintaining your transition to ABUNDANCE Consciousness.
Nedda Wittels
Nedda Wittels

About Nedda Wittels

Nedda Wittels is a Spiritual Empowerment/Ascension Coach, Starseed, Wayshower, Animal Communication Specialist, Certified Multidimensional Energy Healing Facilitator, Certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner, and Master Teacher.

Nedda has a BA from Cornell University, an MS from the State University of New York at New Paltz, and an MA from New York University.

Nedda has offered professional services in Animal Communication and Multidimensional Energy Healing since 1994, and professional services in Spiritual Empowerment Coaching since 2009. She has successfully assisted clients from 15 countries in over 8,000 sessions.

As a Master Teacher, Nedda offers teleclasses and teleseries in Animal Communication, Telepathic Communication with Trees and Nature Spirits, and in various aspects of Spiritual Ascension.