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QCTV: Awakening the Light in Our Heart with Paul Temple


About This Show

Activating the heart center is one of the most important and powerful things we can do to transform ourselves and planetary consciousness. Through the heart we align with truth, courage and love.

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The heart is the gateway to the spirit realms and soul connection. As each person awakens and remembers the truth in their heart it helps raise the consciousness of all humanity, which we need to do in this time to help resolve the many challenges we face.

Paul has channeled a beautiful body of Diamond Light teachings about awakening the human heart from Althor, his spirit guide. This session will include information about the teachings and a Sound Transmission with Paul’s Tibetan Bowls and chanting.


  1.  Connect with your sovereign soul-self that resides in your heart
  2.  Learn powerful but simple practices to connect with your heart-power on a regular basis
  3.  Begin to understand the true nature of the heart center
Paul Temple New HS

About Paul Temple

Peaceful. Penetrating. Pure. These words have been used to describe Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix, who has toured internationally with his musical meditations. His album RADIANCE MIXES, featuring the voice of Deva Premal, went to #5 on iTunes World Music chart. Paul’s transcendental music is said to create harmonic architectures of sonic geometry – constellating into a cathedral of light.

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