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QCTV: Guidance Through the Language of Shamanic Astrology with Erik Roth

About This Show

Erik Roth will introduce a powerful modality of guidance and wisdom from the planets, signs and three worlds! Shamanic Astrology taps into the symbolic, mythological and language of our relationship with Earth and Sky to help ourselves navigate our own unique individual journeys.

Our connection to the Earth and Sky runs much, much deeper than the simple reading of the daily horoscope or Sun Sign astrology. We are complex beings that are reflected into the stars and planets above where humanity’s stories are emblazoned. The three classic worlds of the Celestial, Middle and Underworlds are ever-present and serve as environments for our souls to become more authentic as we travel through our lives. Shamanic Astrology is holistic and initiatory and can help us do that without judgment and with compassion for who we are.


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  1. What Shamanic Astrology is all about
  2. Helpful knowledge of your own journey
  3. Knowing you are more than your Sun Sign
  4. Our relationship with the Earth-Sky dynamic
  5. Understanding the critical importance of the time we live in
Erik Roth

About Erik Roth

Erik Roth is a certified Shamanic Astrologer (from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School) and author doing readings, classes and webinars since 2010. Shamanic Astrology is a hoisitic approach to the astrological language, looking at how the chart shows up in a person’s life. It is philosophical, initiatory and experiential by nature, helping us to understand our archetypal purpose on the planet.

Erik maintains a You Tube channel, writes regular astrological articles and a book titled Sacred Hearth Witihin. He is currently working on creating a new set of online astrological courses. In most years, Erik travels across the Western US doing holisitic and psychic fairs and events in Oregon, California and Arizona and hopes to expand / re-start traveling in the summer and fall.

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