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QCTV: Reverse Engineering Our Return Path to the Stars with Kristen Becher

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In this conversation we will explore the inner workings of transforming the mundane of the limited world into the magical quantum world through the illuminating processes of inner alchemy. We can reverse engineer our journey through the access points of wounds and traumas, tensions and pains, and excavate our way into the nodal roots of the fractures in the energy field.

We then vibrate the love of creation from the inside out and repair these nodes with conscious intent and simple practices that put each of us in the driver seat as lead navigator, to repair, and rebuild our light ship to return home to the stars…a place we never left and that never left us. We just simply forgot. The veil of amnesia has been very dense and now with the ever increasing plasma light flooding our planet and the transits of our solar system and beyond we are being summoned to call forth our Future Self into this precious moment of awakening.

We are each our own healers on a quest toward realization of our complete and total wholeness within the breath of God, Source, the Holy Origin of All. We are on this Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey to retrace our memory back to our Origin Intention for saying Yes to this Earth Ascension Project.

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On our return path much purging, releasing, letting go, and commanding of the light is required to fill the heart and soul. This process is not always glamorous by any stretch of the imagination, AND once we get through each threshold of our daily initiations and tests, we are empowered by our conscious choosing of the light. We are filled with love and a deep sense of connection with creation as a divine reflection of our inner light, and our biochemistries amplify & align the Human Body Mind Soul complex on the Ascending Spiral up the Shushumna of creation.

Kristen Becher

About Kristen Becher

Kristen is a Rainbow Star Seed, walking the Earth Grid to bring forth an embodiment of Light and Love that burns bright in her soul. She facilitates sacred space to awaken others into their natural state of wholeness. She has been trained by master teachers and initiated through many sacred portals on this beloved planet. Her life thesis is to free her soul inside the body and to facilitate her process of remembering for others to embody their soul sovereignty and freedom.

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