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QCTV: Unlock Answers Easily with Tarot – No Book Needed! with Marilyn Alauria


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First thing’s first: Marilyn Alauria suggests that when you are learning Tarot, you throw the book away! That’s right… no book. Instead, read the cards based on your own experiences and symbols. Marilyn takes the challenge out of it and leaves the fun part: the mystery around the language of YOUR soul… helping you create a relationship with the cards beyond what any book or other person could give you.

You see, the cards are a tool that help you to connect with your Guides, who are from the highest and best light. They love you, and this is an excellent resource to have at your fingertips. Make them a tool for life.


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Marilyn will demonstrate how easy it is for you to look at a card and receive guidance and answers. You really can do this. It’s time to stop waiting for answers from someone else. Connect with your guidance through the cards… at any time of the day or from the comfort of your own home!

Her students have always expressed enthusiasm towards how wonderfully Marilyn teaches and communicates the ‘How To’ in understanding tarot cards. If Tarot has felt too daunting to learn OR you’re ready to go even deeper with your knowledge… don’t miss this.


  1. Discover how the tarot cards can help you make quick decisions
  2. Learn how to read the cards based on your own symbols and experiences instead of a book
  3. Find out how to ask your questions so that you get helpful answers
  4. Connect with your Guides through the tool of Tarot
  5. Bring more joy and clarity into your life RIGHT NOW
Marilyn Alauria

About Marilyn Alauria

Marilyn Alauria is a gifted psychic medium, teacher, and coach with an unmatched capacity to ignite deep, soul-level transformation for her clients around the world. As the creator of Soul Finder Academy and Membership for Your Soul, she has given us a clear action plan for developing our talents, following our purpose, fulfilling our dreams and living in alignment with our souls.

Marilyn teaches spirituality in a way that leads to a practical, meaningful, and joyous life—no unicorns, flying carpets, or impossible routines required. She simplifies the path to living a life of peace, ease, and alignment, making true fulfillment easy and achievable for her students. After a successful, Emmy Award-winning career in the entertainment industry with MTV and NBC Olympics, Marilyn shifted her focus to sharing her natural gifts and helping others discover their own intuitive abilities. As a psychic medium, healer, teacher, author, and speaker, she lights up audiences around the world, delivering the training and guidance needed to succeed, thrive, and prosper.

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