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Divine Healing For Your Better Living with Dr. Richard London

About This Show

This is the first of it’s kind “HEALING EVENT”.

Dr. Richard London will summon ten’s of millions of HEALING Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Master and Beings of the Seventh Ray.

This will be Target Healings for Body Pain, Childhood Pain, Disease,Drama, Emotional Triggers, Depression, Divorce, Family Future, Forgiveness, Grief, Heart, Mind, Past, Present, Soul, Spirit and Wellness to Flow in every area of your Life and More……… Blessings, Dr. Richard London.


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This experience with Dr. Richard London is a group healing opportunity to remove many negative imprints.  Dr. London is opening his calendar to offer personal one-on-one sessions via zoom, skype or phone, to accelerate your clearings and upgrades.  Check out his Special Offer link below to learn how you can work with Dr. London.

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Richard London

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About Dr. Richard London

Dr. Richard London, the father of wisdom, world renowned author of  “Laughing with God, The Ultimate Guide to Enlightenment”, Global Master Teacher of the famous book and video, The Secret, El Secreto. Taught the Law of Attraction over 40 years prior to the release of The Secret in November,2006.

World leader in bringing Business Intelligence, New Technologies and new profound Wisdom to Humanity and the World and the forthcoming author of book, “Faith is Power” BY DR. RICHARD LONDON Consultant tells us what our future really looks like. “There is So much uncertainty in our world today, and people know that the tools of the past are no longer working for them.”

He is the Leading Visionary Manifestation Business Intelligence Coach in the World. Dr. London provides the tools that work in this, the 21st century. He has served as the C.E.O., Chief Education Officer, C.V.O., C.M.O., and V.M.B.C of several companies as well as being a business consultant for over 25 years. His clients include famous Media/Entertainment Personalities, Industry Leaders, and Corporate Leaders, Leaders of Countries, and major organizations worldwide. He is the founder of 14 world charities.

As C.E.O of Prodigymind Companies, http://www.prodigymind.com he directed the building of 200+ web-based companies that educate professionals and his websites are devoted to transformational language and wisdom that creates a Wellness Lifestyle.

Dr. Richard London is the creator of a new authentic media experience called Divine Media Entertainment; it uses transformational language and wisdom to enable mankind to Create Success and Wealth with No Limits and Great Language – Great Life: Communicate to Wealth, Words that Create Miracles in your Life. These are all systems and slogans that move you forward into Wellness in all areas of your life/ His Doctorate of Business “Life Wellness System”.

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