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QCTV: Embracing the Blue Rose Flame for the New Earth Template with Rachel Goodwin


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Connect with the Blue Rose Lineage of Cosmic Beings, Goddesses & Ascended Masters. The Order of the Blue Rose are stepping forward powerfully this year to support us with receiving the Template of the New Earth in ever greater numbers. As we receive the Blue Rose Codes, the New Earth Template downloads through us into manifest creation, and we are attuned to our own Way of the Heart! This enables us to hold the Blue Rose frequency for the planet, giving beautiful clarity for receiving our Divine Wisdom, and empowering us to manifest with ever greater ease and flow.

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‘The Blue Rose Flame is a Lineage of Light that holds the essence of the energy of the Blue Rose Ray. This Lineage has been kept alight through the ages by the Wisewomen and men of the Blue Rose & is a Divine Cosmic Order seeded from the galaxy you live in and beyond.
Now is the time to learn how to use these energies, to deeply step into the power that is available now for you with the New Earth codes that are coming in. All is within Divine Timing, Blessed Be, Amen.’ Channeled from the Blue Rose Lineage.

Some say it was founded by Mother Mary, others by Mary Magdalene – but in truth the origins of this Order go back to ancient Lemuria. This is an Order whose roots go deep into the Ascended Gaia, and high up into the Cosmos, light streaming down from up above.
Sar’h, daughter of the Magdalene and Yeshua, & who is the Cosmic Starchild, is empowered now as Keeper of the Blue Rose Flame, New Earth Guardian and Ascended Master for the New Age. She steps forward to bless and activate us onto our journey with the Blue Rose.
NOW IS THE TIME for our community to join together in Oneness and be lifted up by the Blue Rose!
Blessed Be, Amen!!


  1. connect to the Lineage of the Blue Rose
  2. receive your own personal Blue Rose Code mentor
  3. use the Blue Rose vibration of frequency
Rachel Goodwin new HS

About Rachel Goodwin

Rachel Goodwin is a channel for Ascended Master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene and Yeshua since 2006, and author, priestess, master healer and spiritual teacher. Her presentation of Sarah and her wisdom and teachings, bring clear, relatable and relevant messages for the New Earth. Working with her spirit team, Rachel facilitates a vast portal for others to step through and receive the powerful energy transmissions and initiations that are needed at this time.

Rachel has brought through ‘Healing with Sarah & the Angels’, which is an enlightened energy healing system for Embodied Ascension, and is author of ‘Sarah’s little book of Healing’, and ‘Weaving the Strands of Sarayei: Channeled Wisdom from Ascended Master Sarah. She devotes her time to teaching the wisdom, techniques and magickal tools she receives to empower others in sharing and benefitting from this work.

This year, the Lineage of the Blue Rose have called her forth to assist in expanding out their message and vibration throughout the world in ever greater circles of power! THE TIME IS NOW!!

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