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QCTV: The Path of the Spiritual Warrior with Raphael Weisman


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Path of the Spiritual Warrior is the practice of living impeccably, using the sword of truth, when necessary, to cut through the illusions that keep us bound to the past and future. It is a path of ruthless self-love and commitment to eliminate judgment, assumptions and projections, replacing them with presence and full embodiment.

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This concept and the title evoke the Samurai warrior or the Shaolin monk who sometimes faced life and death situations which depended on their ability to respond in the moment with an immediacy developed by years of arduous, disciplined practice. His book, The Path of the Spiritual Warrior is a book of channeled wisdom from 13 “Voices.”

In today’s world, it is the path of the heart, a quantum field that allows us to develop trust and patience whereby we can access the realms of guidance and replace stress, rush and overwhelm with stillness, ease, grace and miracle. The Path of the Spiritual Warrior advocates reconnection with Nature, simplicity and a healthful lifestyle. This path is for those who are ready to awaken to the realization of truth as an inner experience, reflected in the outer reality as peace, equanimity and stability. The ultimate understanding is that we are expressions of God’s (or Goddess’s) love. We show up with our hearts open, in the moment. This path is one of practical guidance and wisdom, and explores ways in which we can shed old patterns that keep us stuck, replacing them with life enhancing and light filled experience.

The courses and healing modalities that Raphael Weisman offers are designed to restore you to your original blueprint as a child of the divine, experiencing and expressing self authority and the ability to find equanimity in all circumstances. Raphael is a practitioner of The Emotion Code® and a trainer and practitioner of HeartThread® two systems that help to release trapped emotions and old conditioning and patterns that keep us stuck. He channels the wisdom, truth and guidance of Light Beings that call themselves “God’s Voice,” and his hands transmit healing light for the relief of pain and discomfort.


  1. Open your heart.
  2. Connect to your guides.
  3. Prepare for Ascension
Raphael Weisman HS

About Raphael Weisman

Raphael Weisman is a retired luthier and harp-maker. Born in South Africa, he lived in Jerusalem, London, Laguna Beach CA, Questa NM and currently lives in Santa Fe, NM. He is a channel for the love and guidance of The Angels and Beings of Light. Raphael is a visionary and channel, an author, a poet, an editor and writer.

He loves to dance, and is an avid hiker and a lover of trees and the Nature Kingdom. He is a musician and loves to sing and to jam on flute, harp, saxophone and harmonica. He is an advocate and supplier of Shungite for protection from EMFs, a trainer and facilitator of HeartThread® and an Emotion Code® facilitator. He is a minister in the Open Catholic Church. Raphael facilitates Medicine Water Wheel Ceremonies for the blessing of the waters and consults clients on how to build them. He founded the non-profit Healing the Scars, Inc to provide healing from the effects of war, trauma, abuse and violence. He is the author of The Path of the Spiritual Warrior by The New Earth Council and is an editor. Raphael has done extensive research into the Ancient Mysteries and the interconnection between all the wisdom traditions.

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