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QCTV: How to Tune Yourself to Love and Expand Consciousness with Rebecca Abraxas


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We can awaken to the power of aligning ourselves to the frequency of the experience we most desire. For most of us that is joy and love.

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The Power of Voice is a potent consciousness tool that has been overlooked in our modern culture. Through opening to being sung by our Source Beingness we get to the tune each day to our expanding consciousness..


  1. Release density that keeps it hard to reach bliss every day
  2. Access the Physical, Mental and spiritual benefits of sounding your voice
  3. Use your Voice a a powerful manifestation and actualization tool
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About Rebecca Abraxas

Rebecca Abraxas holds an advance sound therapy certification from Globe Institute. She supports the Great Awakening by teaching others how to be “sung” by their higher Source selves and help them reset their vibrational set point. Rebecca has played in the fields of wellness, healing, and music for the last 25 years combining them for a holistic approach to awakening.

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