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QCTV: Time Proven Solid Conscious Evolution with Energy Downloads from the Pleiadeans with Rev. Angelia LaRue


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What are Pleiadean Codums?
Pleiadean Energy Transmissions are codums which re-order energies in our body and auric field giving us Blueprints for new energetic ways of being and experiencing. Think of them as Light Downloads. They are fast acting!
These Energy Transmissions Codums are based on 12th Dimensional Pleiadeans understanding of Anatonic Physics. Anatonic Physics is based on Numbers, Fractals, Frequency and Sound – the results of the equations are called Codums.
These energy codes help fast track you to align with the changing energies with grace and ease!


Why are the Pleiadeans Giving us these codes?
Our Star Brothers and Sisters are well aware of the rapid changes happening in our solar system, the changes Gaia is going through and the effects that is happening for humans as a result of that and the Old paradigm of Power shifting into the Age of Ethics brought on by the Aquarian energies. In their compassion they offer us assistance to help us shift as they did into higher state of consciousness and Beingness.

How can these Energy Codums (Codes) Help me?
When we change from one Age or Cosmic energy sets to another it can be tumultuous. These energy of the codums have helped other races in the Universe to shift into the New Energies and Times with less personal upheaval in their lives which allowed them and be Present and aware for the rebuilding, revisioning and re-designing of culture as each race moved more towards the perfection of its species. These codums are helping us too as we receive the energies!

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These powerful series were recorded in the Crystal Sanctum which is charged by 100’s of crystals and the amazing one-of-a-kind original Orgone Energy Crystal Bio Bed, additional energy is brought by the two energy masters and Rev. Angie, all of whom who actively held Sacred Space during the recording. Many Angels, Guides and Benevolent Beings also brought their energies and Blessings to these Productions.

These Energy Codes and Transmissions are highly useful tools which can be used again and again for years to come by you and your family! Download them to all your devices to have them available anywhere. They cover Mind, Body and Spirit. So feel free to use them to prepare for subjects like: That upcoming public speaking engagement, to heal yourself when your sick or to assist you on your next step down the Path of Enlightenment. Your Secret Toolbox awaits you!
A select group of about 40 people have been using these now for close to 4 years and seen stunning Evolutions of Consciousness, Spirituality, miraculous Healings for themselves and even stepping into Mastery and in that time. Codeums Work, they are the real deal!


  1. Pleiadeans role and interest with humanity
  2. How we can use Star Brother and Sisters technology assistance to Heal, Evolve and Thrive
  3. How energy sets and patterns assist us in these times to continue our ascension of consciousness despite the challenges.
  4. How quantum realities make manifest in the physical through repetition and Intentiont

About Angelia LaRue

Angie is a Master Ordained Reverend, Crystologist, Healer, Medical Intuitive, Medical Innovator, Psychic, Founder/Teacher at Inner Passage Mystery School, Reiki Master & Manufacturer of Orgone Energy Generators, And Bearer of the Antonian Holographic Healing Stone
On December 9th 2011, at 2:00pm in the afternoon Angie had a radical spontaneous Awakening of Consciousness, while going about an ordinary Hawaiian day as a Professional Artist and housewife. It happened on a business call while on her way into the kitchen to get a drink of water.
Within 3 months, her life in Hawaii abruptly ended and she was thrust out onto the road to learn with Spirit as her Teacher with only two suitcases. She was reeling from the full explosion of psychic abilities, and the sudden awareness of subtle energy. Full blown empathic skills, with heavy cording to many others and the ability to see multidimensionally which had turned her life into utter chaos, dissolving her previous life and twenty-year marriage in a rapid domino effect.
She would spend the next 3 years living out of a suitcase, navigating by the quiet whisper of Spirit as she unlearned and re-remembered. It was a time of epic heights of bliss and depths of devastating suffering as the egoic structure was humbled and Spirit retrained the body and mind.
5 years from the awakening day, she landed the whole experience on the tarmac of the 3D and began focused Service through Love to Others.
Her Service now includes many offerings, energy blueprints and ways to help people evolve their consciousness. She helps people increase their Love quota and move from 3D awareness to 5D awareness. She also manufacturers tools and items to assist those on the Path to higher levels of consciousness. She founded the Inner Passage Mystery School in 2018, began manufacturing Orgone Generators and various devices which release frequencies for support, evolution and healing in 2012. Part of her journey involved waking up her memories of past lives and mastery gained working with crystals in various epochs and she is now a Master Crystologist and Medical Intuit. Overall, Rev. Angie feels deeply Blessed and Honored to be of Service to the Divine as a healer of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

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