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QCTV: Embodying the Quantum Divine Human & Awakening Humanity’s Arc of GRACE with Rev. Devi Grace


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We are between the Solar and Lunar Eclipse Gateways during this powerful Autumn season of ancestral ceremonies, magical divination, multi-cultural rituals and international holidays around the Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Dia De Los Muertos and All Saints Day festivals.

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Traditions from all around our globe are preparing to commune between the supernatural worlds, and it’s one of the most favorable times of the season to attune with the expansive silence of one’s Heart-Womb core. For as the veils thin our bodies naturally heighten their connectivity with Gaia’s luminous bio-magic as well as the Geo-Divinity of our new Earth’s circuity flowing throughout the vital force of this planet.

Humanity is preparing for it’s ultimate metamorphosis into a coherent multi-dimensional consciousness that’s capable of embodying pure love’s frequency in symbiotic partnership with our natural world, and the Holy Grail within our Laniakea Supercluster Galaxy is supporting the birth of our embodied Human Divine. This is the clarion call being revealed by the vibrational light signature of LIFE’s original Arc of Grace that beacons us all to return to the stunning peaks of one’s true kingdom/queendom of Shambhala – Shangrila.

Join us for a fulfilling soul journey with many Star Nation’s Ancestral Councils of Creation to assist you with the radical recalibration of unconditional trust and archetypal primordial alchemy for the cellular manifestation of your Sacred UNION Template. YES – your World Tree of GRACE is heralding the return of your trinitized Mother/Father/Holy Child encodement through the healing transfiguration of any hidden maternal and paternal DNA/RNA schisms recorded in the many trans-generational wounds of separation. So, welcome to this incredible opportunity to drop your genetic pain-body armor with an array of advanced technologies that support relaxing into your sacred feminine essence and aligning with your conscious masculine sovereignty.

Receive the Great Creator’s Fatherly Integrity and the Great Creatrix’s Motherly Nurturance inside of the miraculous Quantum infusion of radiance, reverence, regeneration and respect found inside of these eternal Twin Beloveds also known as Creation’s SOURCE-CODE. Circulate the shamanic balance of reunification itself with the atONEness of your birthright to return this pristine “ORIGINS” within every crystalline molecule and atom of your prime being. All are welcome to enter into this Master MaHa Mission of tantric wholeness as we prepare for the upcoming 11:11 Hieros Gamos unity portals culminating in less than a month.

Therefore, upon this cleansing altar of upliftment and empowerment with the immortal Primal Forces of cosmic longing, please accompany us as your most ancient organic timeline rises to fruition from this beautiful conversation’s sequenced Activation, Meditation and Acceleration. AUM!


  1. Learn to active the next stage of your Divine Human’s evolution into the shamanic alchemy blueprint of Embodied LOVE Synthesis
  2. Heal your ancestral trauma and false multi-generational identities by deprogramming any old maternal/paternal soul splits
  3. Reclaim your Arc of Grace’s biological ascension through awakening one’s Quantum Sacred Marriage and our original Hieros Gamos Unity Consciousness technology of holy wholeness.
Devi Grace HS

About Rev. Devi Grace

Reverend Devi Grace is an ordained Gnostic minister, Essene bishop, Kundalini Yoga instructor, Caring Economy advocate (Center For Partnership Studies), advanced energy medicine practitioner, Twin Flame Physics mentor, oracle for Gaia, childhood walk-in, trained channel, initiated medicine woman, shamanic guide, geomancy consultant, Integral coach, spiritual messenger, oracle, multiple NDE experiencer, soul embodiment teacher and a somatic teacher of male/ female unity consciousness.

The mission of the Divine Union Academy is to provide guidance, tools, and platforms for individuals, couples, and teams to embody their soul’s original design in harmonic cohesion with the Natural Laws of our Universe. Visionary leaders are initiated into a direct re-balance of power within themselves; thus, impacting our evolving world through the transformational principles of Partnership Culture. We serve luminaries to integrate key Rites of Passage from Earth’s ancient lineages to renovate humanity’s capacity to awaken Earth’s new Blueprint of Consciousness.

Divine Union Foundation’s vision is to provide an evolutionary regenerative template that opens the gateway for humanity to embody their original divine blueprint and realign with the vast intelligence of nature. Luminaries inspired to integrate a greater vision of life’s potentials are trained in the core values of partnership culture through time-honored lineages, thus creating leaders for a global awakening. We provide new platforms for embodied stewards to launch Cultural Transformation initiatives. Our legacy is the response to humanity’s deepest prayers for assistance in understanding who we are, what we are here for, and what we can do to ensure an expansive and generative future for our interdependent human and planetary ecology.

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