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QCTV: Entering New Earth, Rewrites, Old Earth Collapse: The Acceleration Timelines with Reyel Byrd


About This Show

For this energetic mastery conversation, I will be talking in-depth about:

• Entering New Earth and the shamanic prophecies that align to this divine occurrence
• The collapse of Old Earth and what is to come ahead
• The Akashic Field Rewriting that is currently taking place
• The energetic health that is evolving and shifting in our physical bodies
• The Collective Dark Night of the Soul

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Awakening into our personal gifts and entering the resonance of higher vibrational power, stepping into newer forms of authenticity, empathic love and higher Truth
Shamanic perspective and spirituality and Understanding our true heritage

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About Reyel Byrd

Medicine Woman Réyel, is an Afro-Taíno indigenous woman, healer, spiritual writer, spiritual teacher, public speaker and shamanic practitioner.

She comes from a deep family lineage that deeply taught her the sacred ways of Mother Nature, known as Mother Atabey, and was immersed in the sacred teachings since she was a child on indigenous cosmology and african cosmology, with animism, ritual rites, ancestral rewriting and healing practices, heritage empowerment, curanderísmo, and Earth-based traditions.

Réyel, who also goes by “Réy” on social media, and has a huge community and following on Instagram and Twitter, where she uses her abilities of teaching and healing through spiritual writing, channeling, and intel to share wisdom to the people who walk the Path.

Her assignment and intention is to “wake up masters who went asleep.”

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