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QCTV: A Miraculous New Way of Being – with the Seraphim Angels & Riana Arendse


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Master the human experience as you integrate your Ascended Mastery — Advanced Program!
The Path of Mastery program guides you through Riana Arendse’s acclaimed Transformational processes for creating deep and lasting change in your life. This program triggers a profound transformation in your entire neurological makeup – causing you to think, feel, and perceive on a whole new level.

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A New Miraculous Way of Being

If you are ready to step out of perpetual cycles of endless healing and open up into the vastness of your true potential… then this is your calling…

The teachings within this program is a pathway to a Miraculous New Way of Being – which entails cultivating radical acceptance of every single moment as perfection and holy, and is designed to return the mind body to wholeness, it also entails identifying with ourselves on another level – much greater than we have come to know; thus allowing ourselves to be reborn anew. A state of being that can only be remembered, cultivated and surrendered to.
Riana lovingly and without filter, reveals the key to true change, healing and transformation. Riana speaks to every aspect of living in the world as your True Self. With loving direction and clarity she points the way to the correction of every limiting belief and perception that would keep us from knowing and realizing our perfect union with Pure Source.

Riana will shares what she considers fundamental insights that will spark a revolution in the way we perceive life, returning back to our christed blueprint and the choice to stop believing the thoughts that perpetuate our suffering. If you are ready to step out of perpetual cycles of endless healing and open up into the vastness of your true potential… then this is your calling…

For so long we’ve been playing within the old paradigm of limitation and minimizing ourselves to a minuscule thought, belief or construct. This program takes you on a journey far beyond what is known and allows you to begin cultivating a new miraculous way of being. A way of being that is not small, constricted or limited in any way. This is the realm of Miracles. Beyond healing, beyond processes, beyond suffering, beyond fixing… beyond all that is known.


  1. No matter how much work you’ve done on yourself—self-help, healing, seeking, studying—you still cannot break free from internal or external bondage
  2. Struggling to break free from internal struggles, patterns, behaviours or cycles
  3. Feel stuck, even though you have cultivated immense amount of healing already
  4. Are still dominated by distrust, resistance, and frustration
  5. No matter how much you have cultivated in ascending and healing, you still cannot break free from the old collective paradigm, framework, structures, rules, beliefs and strategies
  6. Still find yourself minimizing who and what you are and still dimming your own light

This is BEYOND what you’ve seen or known within this realm of creation..

You have tasted but only a fragment of what is truly possible. You see beloved, the old way of being no longer works, it never has… because you will never transcend the old, embody your full consciousness and actualize your potential if you do.

There’s a reason why Riana’s students become wildly successful, Liberated Embodied Spiritual Masters, Healers and Enlightened Entrepreneurs.


It’s the natural consequence of coming Home, coming into Union with Self, embodying True Self Mastery, Multidimensional Cellular Healing and Deep Connection to all of Creation.
Riana’s clients are Proof. It becomes your Lived Reward

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About Riana Arendse

Riana Arendse is an international #1 Bestselling Author, A Visionary Spiritual Teacher and world-renowned Sage for The Highest Order of Angels – The Seraphim. Riana’s profound yet simple Teachings through her Artistry, Events and Media Interviews have already helped countless people throughout the world find Inner Peace, Healing and Greater Fulfilment in their lives. Riana has been called a teacher of teachers for the next generation of Conscious Transformational Spiritual Leaders. Throughout the duration of her life, Riana had been directly initiated by The Mighty Seraphim, Ascended Masters and Archangels into being a walking embodiment of the Highest potential for Humanity. Riana continued to be initiated into deeper levels of embodiment and made immense effort to subjugate and surrender the forces of her awakened mind and heart to the centre of existence, the one energy that many call Christ consciousness, God, the Supreme Oneness, or Source.

Drawing always from her direct experience, in this life and multidimensional lives as an embodiment of the Sophia Christ Consciousness, and an embodiment of the highest potential of humanity, Riana illuminates the undivided nature of Life or Consciousness with great clarity and compassion. As an activator of Divine Truth and her unparalleled access to Higher Wisdom, frequencies and codes, her passion is to teach and initiate visionaries, spiritual teachers, healers and conscious entrepreneurs into awakening and embodying their true innate Power. Through her ongoing refinement of Mastery and integration of her life’s curriculum Riana has reached a level of consciousness that allows her admission beyond her multidimensional self. She operates as a pure frequency of embodied love. A Contemporary Thought Leader and an embodiment of the highest potential of humanity

Riana is recognized as a Globally Celebrated Teacher and Healer in the field of Transformation of Consciousness, Healing, Awakening, Self-Mastery and Sovereign Embodiment that she sees as the next step in Human Evolution. In Riana’s experience, it was the gift of her own suffering which allowed her to have a much greater and grander viewpoint, cultivating an unparalleled level of Spiritual Mastery that has drastically changed both what she teaches and the way she teaches.

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