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QCTV: How To Transition Into Luminous Futures of Love, Joy, Peace and Freedom with Richard Whitehurst


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We often long for light and love and joy and ever expanding states freedom, and yet we seem to be living, at least for the time being, in an unprecedented situation wherein upheaval and chaos permeate, and all too often dominate, far too many facets of our lives. The ‘old normal’ has vanished.

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Everything has become so strange that it is now evident to many of us that we’re not going back to ‘what once was.’ What can we do to bring forth new, luminous, never before seen categories of life and living that align with our highest visions of what we are truly capable of as free spiritual beings?

How can we become the midwives to and the innovators of the creative manifestation of ‘A Completely New World’ — a new reality wherein the expanding life-affirming and deeply felt emotional realities of love, compassion, peace, unity, joy, and freedom are experienced as an ongoing festival that surpasses our former willingness and ability to imagine things being different?

Let us explore together some of the elements that can help you further discover and then shift more deeply into your highest preferences. Hear about ways of understanding that entail a connection with – Source / Logos / Oversoul – (Who is) abiding on the other side of the portal that is ‘the spiritual heart’. We also need to understand that in our world right now, making the darkness conscious has become an imperative on the spiritual path. Now we are becoming capable of moving into an assurance that these needed birth pains are truly the precursors to the emergence of a radically new plane of Being. Make your maps, take your maps, and continue to involve in using them to transition from the limitations of a dying old world, and into the never before seen dynamic aliveness and birthing of a completely New World.


  1. Establish 3 open-ended, synergistic, high-resonance, and potentially new personal identities.
  2. Orient more clearly toward the freedom found within the primacy of consciousness itself.
  3. Refine and accelerate your capacity to consciously create the life and reality you prefer via ‘Resonant-Causation’.
  4. Be meaningfully engaged in transmuting the darkness, pain and chaos of the world – into light, love, joy, compassion, forgiveness and understanding.
Richard Whitehurst HS

About Richard Whitehurst

Educator, Ericksonian Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Trainer in HeartMath, Meditation Teacher, Poet, Published Author, Gaudiya Vaisnava, and International Speaker – Richard has been involved in transformation and helping others to expand awareness and resolve challenges since before 1980. A spiritual awakening just before turning 18 situated him upon a fluid trajectory into greater global consciousness and helping others to self-actualize. He has over 30 years of clinical experience in utilizing therapeutic trance states, core states, releasing-protocols, future-visioning and heart-centering orientations — to heal trauma, foster emotional intelligence, gain freedom from emotional pain, uncover meaning and purpose, and engender powerful generative changes in tens of thousands of clients from around the world.

Richard has founded The Overview Institute of Australia [ https://www.overviewinstituteaustralia.org ] along with its affiliated organization: Planetary Human [https://www.planetaryhuman.com] — wherein he and an impressive array of colleagues from around the world are working to direct attention and marshal the collective will to further accelerate humanity’s entrance into new paradigms of personal and planetary awareness, regeneration and thriving.

Richard has appeared in various media and has lectured extensively in colleges, universities, workshops, and conferences in America, England, Europe, India, and Australia.

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