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QCTV: The Divine Human with Sabrina Di Nitto


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As humans in the modern world, we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated through distraction, emotional manipulation in advertising and pop culture, and through accepting the beliefs and narratives according to others, who in all likelihood, are doing the same thing themselves.

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The Age of Aquarius calls for the birth of the divine human. A human breathes divinity and abides as both the drop and the ocean. In earlier times, it seemed difficult as well as impossible that this cosmic human could take shape on Earth. But time is accelerating so much and the Earth is opening her ethereal structures for the entrance of the cosmic light, the light of the divine verses. In these circumstances, the co-creation of Earth with humanity allows us to anchor these cosmic memories again in our physical bodies and embody our divinity. Ascension Teacher Sabrina Di Nitto, meanwhile, takes the lead and shows by healing human and cosmic trauma, and building her light vessel, she has transformed her physical structures into Light.

During this show, Sabrina Di Nitto guides you back to the Primordial Cosmic Mothers of existence to ignite this remembrance within yourself as well. From these Cosmic Mothers, you will receive within your heart the unique energetic signature of your memory of home—so that you will never forget.


  1. effortlessly you can embody your Divine Human.
  2. with ease and grace open your heart for Life
  3. live in your own timeline, sphere of Light and become simply You.
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About Sabrina Di Nitto

With her inner senses, Sabrina moves into the cosmic realms between form and formlessness. To guide you to Self-Realization and Light Mastery, Here, where the soul has its origin, she sculpts and weaves with the essences and filaments of worlds beyond thought and form.

She embodies twenty-five years of experience in ascension work, enlightenment, soul embodiment, alchemy, healing, spiritual psychology, and awakened soul codes. Her experience spans cosmology, metaphysics, quantumphysics, ancient Urantia, and Cosmic mysteries.

Sabrina works as a Light Master and Cosmic Midwife for Cosmic consciousness. She practices Divine Human embodiment, Soul Alignment to the resonance of Oneness, the Divine Heart and Divine Light indwelling.

Sabrina Di Nitto and her new paradigm Mystery School The Divine Heart offer programs for the Sacred Architecture of your original soul codes, for Light building of your Cosmic Light vessel, and Cosmic Midwifing ever evolving cosmic consciousness, developing her and your physical and etheric structures for soul embodiment, the Divine Human, and Self-Realization, the I AM.

It is her soul mission to share these with you on your path to becoming a Self-Realized Light Master.

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