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QCTV: How to Consciously Cultivate Next Generation Leaders through Biocognition with

Samantha Louise


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2022/07/12 13:00:00

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Some of the deepest foundations of our existence are rooted in our youth. Biocognition is the missing link that helps us effectively change the obstacles in our life that keep us stuck and hold us back from breaking generational cycles. Understanding the way that culture influences our wellbeing and ability to learn enables us to shift our own personal ecosystems, to recalibrate our belief systems and help leaders rewrite the unwritten rules that support personal and communal growth. So, how do we rewrite the unwritten rules in our communities? Those unspoken or unwritten social constructs that are ingrained with generational expectations that we don’t dare go outside of to avoid being rejected by those who are closest to us – our family, friends and community.


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Growing up I felt this angst. I grew up in a very small town in Minnesota that had a graduating senior class of only 30 classmates. My father was a farmer, my mother an educator, and my brother and I were outside a lot, helping on the farm that raised pigs and grew products for companies like the Jolly Green Giant. Growing up, I got implicit messages from those close to me that me being myself was … well, different. That’s the “Minnesota Nice” way of rejecting someone or their ideas. These messages that were both spoken and unspoken, but always felt throughout my entire body. Many people are doing what I did.  Staying within the norm of their cultural community for perceived safety and social acceptance. Or flying under the radar, merely existing, just surviving, and not really living. Too many of us keep living life based on status quo rather than purpose, meaning, and passion to make a difference in the world. Now is the time to focus on a solution to shift cultural norms to lead happier and healthier lives because if we don’t, it will eventually cause even deeper disconnection and dis-ease.

It’s already well known that eating healthy and taking care of your mind will lead to a more thriving life but have we really looked at someone’s own personal ecology? Biocognition helps us to recontextualize and reconstruct our personal ecology, which includes community and familial cultural norms. I want to share the idea of rewriting the script of paradigm shifts and ways to create a curriculum for both children and adults that is an individualized, experiential learning process. Every person should be empowered to fully develop in a way that challenges them, fits their needs and therefore creates a culture of healthy development through the lifespan.

When we become aware of patterns and cycles in our lives, we have the option to simply continue living based on circumstance or we can stop the cycles and make change happen in inclusive and holistic ways. I have experienced the power of change in my personal life and refuse to go back to living the other way. Likewise, I see the way systems (healthcare, education, etc.) perpetuate their existence in cycles that quite often no longer serve their constituents effectively or in an honorable way. Change is enacted, not discussed. I invite you to join me … to begin making transformational processes that result in the ability to THRIVE IN CULTURES OF HONOR, LOYALTY, and COMMITMENT.


  1. Connect with, articulate, and pursue your personal meaning.
  2. Go deeper inside of yourself to understand who and what created internal programming that hinders you from living a life of joy.
  3. Decide if it’s worth the risk to pursue your lifelong spiritual journey to better lead yourself in selfhood and inspire change in the world in leaderhood.
Samantha Louise

About Samantha Louise

Samantha Louise is a leadership cultivator guiding girls and young women to become natural born leaders. She is an author, a Minnesota Teacher of the Year, and holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Her approach to leadership and learning offers hands-on experiences to develop selfhood for self-leadership, sisterhood for healthy relationships, and leaderhood to inspire change in the world around us. Every workshop, retreat, and lesson offered by Samantha incorporates whole person wellbeing, cultural mindbody science, and interfaith spiritual practices. Samantha has been featured on such popular podcasts as She’s Invincible, Influential Women, and The Rhonda Grant Show to discuss demasculinizing women, healing through vulnerable justice, and new perspectives on leadership. From a farm in rural America, Samantha is a small-town girl with a world-wide vision to transform leadership development and personal empowerment for next generation female leaders from every corner of the globe.

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